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1887 Golden Jubilee Proof & Mint Sets
1892 Austrian 20 Florin 8 Francs Restrikes
1902 Matt Proof 11 Coin Coronation Set
1917 Half Sovereigns - Don't Exist
1919 Half Sovereigns - Don't Exist
1920 Half Sovereigns - Don't Exist
1921 Half Sovereigns - Don't Exist
1922 Half Sovereigns - Don't Exist
1924 Half Sovereigns - Don't Exist
1927 Half Sovereigns - Don't Exist
1928 Half Sovereigns - Don't Exist
1929 Half Sovereigns - Don't Exist
1930 Half Sovereigns - Don't Exist
1931 Half Sovereigns - Don't Exist
1932 Half Sovereigns - Don't Exist
1933 Half Sovereigns - Don't Exist
1933 Gold Coins (Pre-1933)
1933 U.S. $20 Double Eagles
1934 Half Sovereigns - Don't Exist
1935 Half Sovereigns - Don't Exist
1936 Edward VIII Fantasy Pattern Sovereigns
1936 Half Sovereigns - Don't Exist
1937 UK Gold George VI Coronation Proof Set
1938 Half Sovereigns - Don't Exist
1939 Half Sovereigns - Don't Exist
1940 Half Sovereigns - Don't Exist
1941 Half Sovereigns - Don't Exist
1942 Half Sovereigns - Don't Exist
1943 Half Sovereigns - Don't Exist
1944 Half Sovereigns - Don't Exist
1945 Half Sovereigns - Don't Exist
1946 Half Sovereigns - Don't Exist
1947 Half Sovereigns - Don't Exist
1947 Mexican 50 Pesos
1947 Swiss 20 Francs Vreneli
1948 Half Sovereigns - Don't Exist
1949 Half Sovereigns - Don't Exist
1950 Half Sovereigns - Don't Exist
1951 Half Sovereigns - Don't Exist
1952 Half Sovereigns - Don't Exist
1953 Half Sovereigns - Were Not Issued
1954 Half Sovereigns - Don't Exist
1955 Half Sovereigns - Don't Exist
1956 Half Sovereigns - Don't Exist
1957 Half Sovereigns - Don't Exist
1958 Half Sovereigns - Don't Exist
1959 Half Sovereigns - Don't Exist
1960 Half Sovereigns - Don't Exist
1961 Half Sovereigns - Don't Exist
1962 Half Sovereigns - Don't Exist
1963 Half Sovereigns - Don't Exist
1964 Half Sovereigns - Don't Exist
1965 Half Sovereigns - Don't Exist
1966 Half Sovereigns - Don't Exist
1967 Half Sovereigns - Don't Exist
1968 Half Sovereigns - Don't Exist
1969 Half Sovereigns - Don't Exist
1970 Half Sovereigns - Don't Exist
1971 Half Sovereigns - Don't Exist
1972 Half Sovereigns - Don't Exist
1973 Half Sovereigns - Don't Exist
1974 Half Sovereigns - Don't Exist
1975 Half Sovereigns - Don't Exist
1976 Half Sovereigns - Don't Exist
1977 Half Sovereigns - Don't Exist
1978 Half Sovereigns - Don't Exist
1979 Half Sovereigns - Don't Exist
1979 / 1980 UNICEF Gold Coin Collection - International Year of the Child
1980 British Gold 4 Coin Sovereign Proof Set
1980 Gold Coins British & World
1980 Half Sovereigns
1980 Moscow Olympics USSR Coins
1981 British 9 Coin Proof Set
1981 Gold Coins
1981 Half Sovereigns - Don't Exist
1981 Five Pound Proof
1982 British Gold 4 Coin Sovereign Proof Set
1982 Half Sovereigns
1983 British Gold 3 Coin Sovereign Proof Set
1984 British Gold 3 Coin Sovereign Proof Set
1984 Half Sovereigns
1985 British Gold 4 Coin Sovereign Proof Set
1985 Half Sovereigns
1986 British Gold 3 Coin Sovereign Proof Set
1986 Half Sovereigns
1987 Britannia Proof Set
1987 British Gold 3 Coin Sovereign Proof Set
1988 Britannia Proof Set
1988 British Gold 3 Coin Sovereign Proof Set
1989 Britannia Proof Set
1989 British Gold 3 Coin Sovereign Proof Set
1989 British Gold 4 Coin Sovereign Proof Set
1990 Britannia Proof Set
1990 British Gold 3 Coin Sovereign Proof Set
1990 British Gold 4 Coin Sovereign Proof Set
1991 Britannia Proof Set
1991 British Gold 3 Coin Sovereign Proof Set
1991 British Gold 4 Coin Sovereign Proof Set
1992 Britannia Proof Set
1992 British Gold 3 Coin Sovereign Proof Set
1992 British Gold 4 Coin Sovereign Proof Set
1993 Britannia Proof Set
1993 British Gold 3 Coin Sovereign Proof Set
1993 British Gold 4 Coin Sovereign Proof Set
1994 Britannia Proof Set
1994 British Gold 3 Coin Sovereign Proof Set
1994 British Gold 4 Coin Sovereign Proof Set
1995 Britannia Proof Set
1995 British Gold 3 Coin Sovereign Proof Set
1995 British Gold 4 Coin Sovereign Proof Set
1996 Britannia Proof Set
1996 British Gold 3 Coin Sovereign Proof Set
1996 British Gold 4 Coin Sovereign Proof Set
1997 Britannia Proof Set
1997 British Gold 3 Coin Sovereign Proof Set
1997 British Gold 4 Coin Sovereign Proof Set
1998 Britannia Proof Set
1998 British Gold 3 Coin Sovereign Proof Set
1998 Kiribati Samoa Joint Millennium (!) 50 Tala
1998 British Gold 4 Coin Sovereign Proof Set
1999 Britannia Proof Set
1999 British Gold 3 Coin Sovereign Proof Set
1999 British Gold 4 Coin Sovereign Proof Set
2000 Australian Nuggets
2000 Britannia Proof Set
2000 Britannias
2000 British Gold 3 Coin Sovereign Proof Set
2000 British Gold 4 Coin Sovereign Proof Set
2000 Five Pounds
2000 Half Sovereigns
2000 Queen Mother £5 Crown
2000 Sovereigns
2001 Australian Nuggets
2001 Britannia Bullion Versions
2001 Britannia Proof Sets
2001 British Gold 3 Coin Sovereign Proof Set
2001 British Gold 4 Coin Sovereign Proof Set
2001 Half Sovereigns
2001 Guernsey 1 Double
2001 Sovereigns
2001 Two Pounds Marconi Proof
2001 British £5 Victorian Era Crown
2002 Australian Nuggets
2002 Britannia Proof Sets
2002 Gold Coins
2002 Five Pounds Shield Reverse BU
2002 Golden Jubilee
2002 Golden Jubilee Crowns
2002 Half Sovereigns
2002 Sovereigns
2002 British Gold 3 Coin Sovereign Proof Set
2002 British Gold 4 Coin Sovereign Proof Set
2002 Golden Jubilee 13 Coin Gold Set
2002 Queen Mother Memorial Crown
2002 Two Pounds Commonwealth Games
2003 Australian Nuggets
2003 Britannia Proof Sets
2003 Britannia Proof Tenth Ounce
2003 Britannia Proof Quarter Ounce
2003 British Gold 3 Coin Sovereign Proof Set
2003 British Gold 4 Coin Sovereign Proof Set
2003 Crown - Coronation Jubilee
2003 Gold Coins
2003 Half Sovereigns
2003 Sovereigns
2003 Pattern One Pound Collection
2004 Gold Coins
2004 Half Sovereigns
2004 Sovereigns
2004 Britannia Proof Sets
2004 Pattern One Pound Collection
2004 Pound Gold Proof
2005 Gold Coins
2005 Half Sovereigns
2005 Sovereigns
2005 Pound Gold Proof
2006 Gold Coins
2006 Australian Nuggets
2006 Year of the Dog
2007 Canadian Ultra Pure 5x9's Gold Maples .99999 Fine
2007 Election Advice for Brown
2007 Gold Coins
2007 Gold Price Performance in Sterling
2007 Year of the Pig or Boar
2008 Gold Coins
2008 Gold Sovereigns
2008 Half Sovereigns
2008 Year of the Rat or Mouse
2008 Royal Shield of Arms Proof Set
2008 Emblems of Britain 7 Coin Gold Proof Set
2009 Gold Coins
2009 Half Sovereigns
2009 LBMA Gold Price Forecasts
2009 Quarter Sovereigns
2009 Sovereigns
2010 Gold Coins
2010 LBMA Gold Price Forecasts
2010 Sovereigns
2011 Gold Coins
2011 Sovereigns
2012 Diamond Jubilee Gold Coins
2012 Gold Coins
2012 Sovereigns
2012 London Olympic Games
2013 Gold Coins
2013 Sovereigns
2014 Gold Coins
2014 Sovereigns
2015 Gold Coins
2015 Sovereigns
2016 Gold Coins


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Brown, Gordon
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Chinese Lunar Calendar - 2004 - Monkey
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Churchill on Coins & Medals
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Five Pounds For Sale
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Fixing Price
Flemish Gold Coins
Flowers & Floral Emblems on Coins
Fools Gold
Fools Gold Two Pound Coins on eBay
Foreign Currencies
Foreign Exchange Rates - Spot US $
Foreign Exchange Rates Dollar Sterling 1985 to 1999
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Foreign Exchange Service Euros € EUR
Foreign Exchange Service US Dollars $ USD
Fortuna Gold Bars by PAMP
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Geoffrey Young of Harrogate
German States
Germany - Last Deutsche Mark 2001
Gibraltar Royals by Date
Global Warming - An Appeal to Reason (Book)
Glossary, of Investment Gold Terms
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Gold Bars Index Page
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Gold Price Future
Gold Price Future - Update
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Golden Jubilee 2002
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Record Highest Gold Price in Euros (EUR) - February 2008
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Red Spots on Gold Coins
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Rogues Gallery
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Roosters - 2005 Australian Chinese Lunar Calendar Bullion Coins
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Scams - Metric Tonnes
Scarlett Johansson 1st, Gold Bar 4th in FHM Review
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Scrap Gold - The Great UK Rip-Off
Scrap Gold (We Buy)
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Silver Can be a Good Investment
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