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Rand Refinery Gold Bars

Gold Bars for Collectors
Mostly the gold bars we sell are intended purely as an investment in gold, and we do not guarantee to supply any specific make of bar, however we get many requests for specific makes or styles of bar for gifts or collectors, and so we try to provide these as an extra service. Naturally we charge extra for supplying specific designs and makes of gold bar. If you wish to buy gold bars at the lowest bullion prices, please see our main Gold Bars For Sale page.

Rand Refinery

The Rand Refinery is the largest and most modern gold refinery in the world. Based in Germiston, near Johannesburg, South Africa. Its products include a full range of gold and silver products which includes London Good Delivery bars, minted bars, a range of cast bars, gold and silver granules, coin blanks, which we p[resume include those for Krugerrands, and a range of 9 to 24 carat gold alloys.
We cannot always obtain Rand Refinery bars to order, but we have added them to our "collectors bars" list, and will show their availability in the table below.

We show a Rand Refinery 1 kilo gold bar. We have not seen other sizes, but presume they exist.

The approximate dimensions of Rand Refinery bars in millimetres and inches respectively, are:-
1 Kilomms

Gold Bar Prices & Availability
These prices are semi-fixed, but we do reserve the right to change them without notice in the event of major bullion price changes. The $ prices are subject to exchange rate fluctuations.
WeightDescriptionAvailabilityPrice £Price $
1 KiloRand RefineryAsk£Ask$Ask

Certificates for Gold Bullion Bars
Certificates are unnecessary, or should be unnecessary, for gold bullion bars.
These usually state their weight and fineness, being stamped on them, and are generally difficult to fake.

Rand Refinery 1 Kilo Gold Bar
Rand Refinery 1 Kilo Gold Bar

Gold Bullion Bars

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