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Half Sovereigns For Sale

Chards have a wide selection of half sovereigns available from stock. Available to buy online, through the post or in our Blackpool Showroom. We will also make you a competitive offer on any half sovereigns - and any other coins - you have to sell. If you would like to discuss this with us please telephone us on 01253 473931.

George III Half Sovereigns George IV Half Sovereigns William IV Half Sovereigns Victoria Half Sovereigns
1817 - 1820
George III
1821 - 1830
George IV
1831- 1837
William IV
1838 - 1901
Edward VII George V Edward VIII Half Sovereigns George VI Half Sovereigns
1902 - 1910
Edward VII
1911 - 1936
George V
Edward VIII
1937 - 1952
George VI
Elizabeth II Bullion Half Sovereigns Collections / Sets Selling Your Half Sovereigns
1953 -  
Elizabeth II
Bullion Half Sovereigns
Collections / Sets
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Half Sovereigns


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More Information About Half Sovereigns

We have a complete list of half sovereign dates from 1817 to date, listing which were issued, and which not issued.

We have a complete website, dedicated to Gold Sovereigns, where you will find a more detailed history of gold sovereigns, a list of dates which do and don't exist, and hundreds of sovereigns for sale arranged by date and type.

Obverse of 1925 George V Half Sovereign
George V Half Sovereigns

Half Sovereign Dates List

Obverse of Elizabeth II Proof Half Sovereign
Elizabeth II Half Sovereigns


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