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Carat Gold
The expression 'carat gold' (or karat gold in American) is used to refer to gold alloys, which are customarily described in carats. a carat being 1/24th, or one part in twenty four.

24100%1000None*Probably Only Exists in Theory
23.997699.999%999.99Canadian $350, & New 5 9's MaplesSomewhat Pointless
23.97699.99%999.9Australian Nuggets, Philharmonikers, Buffalos, 1983 - 2006 MaplesMost Electrolytically Refined Gold Qualifies
23.97699.9%9991979 - 1982 Maples 
23.8899.5%995London Good Delivery Bars 
2291.66%916.6Sovereigns, Krugerrands, US Gold Bullion Eagles
21.690%900US Eagles, Napoleons, Vrenelli, Marenghi
Coinage Gold
1875%750NoneExcellent for Jewellery
1562.5%625NoneOld Jewellery Standard
1458.33%583.3NoneNot as Good as 18ct, Not as Cheap as 10kt
1250%500NoneHalf and Half
10KP41.66%416.6NoneUsed for Cheap American Jewellery
10*39.58%395.8NoneUsed for Cheap American Jewellery
937.5%375NoneUsed for Cheap British Jewellery

Carat = Karats
Millesimal = Parts per thousand.
Coins = Best known examples, see our "Contents" page for more complete list.
None* = About as likely as an honest politician
10KP = American 10 karat "plumb", i.e. real actual 10carat gold.
10* = American minimum legal standard for 10 karat, which is actually only 9.5 karat.

USA Karat Gold Alloys
All US karat alloys can legally be a half carat (2.0833%) lower than stated!

22 Carat v 24 Carat
A discussion about 22 carat versus "24 carat" gold bullion coins, with regard to investment.

Low Carat Gold Alloys
A discussion of the merits and demerits of low carat gold alloy coins.

1918 Gold Sovereign

1918 Gold Sovereign

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Stack of Gold Bars

Stack of Gold Bars


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