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UK Customs & Excise TARIC Codes for Investment Gold

Until 26th April 2005, we had been using:-

  • Coins 71 08 20 00 00
  • Bars 71 08 12 00 00
  • Customs Procedure Code CPC 40 00 73

However, we were told we had the wrong codes, and have just spent most of two days trying to ascertain the correct codes, which may be:-

  • Coins 71 18 90 00 00
  • Bars 71 08 12 00 00 or 71 18 90 00 00 or 71 08 13 10 00 or possibly something completely different!*
  • Customs Procedure Code CPC 40 00 73

For the purpose of the new VAT exemption, investment gold is defined as:

Gold of a purity not less than 995 thousandths that is in the form of a bar, or a wafer, of a weight accepted by the bullion markets;

A gold coin minted after 1800 that-
is of a purity of not less than 900 thousandths,
is, or has been, legal tender in its country of origin, and
is of a description of coin that is normally sold at a price that does not exceed 180% of the open market value of the gold contained in the coin; or

A gold coin of a description specified in Notice 701/21A Investment gold coins.

* After two days, we are about 90% certain about the gold coin classification, and perhaps 50% certain of the gold bar classification. However, as we have also applied for a BTI (Binding Tariff Information), we did hope to get written confirmation of both within about 10 days, but in fact we are still waiting despite having written several reminders!

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Gold Bar Stack

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But may be 7118 9000 CPC 4000 73 Coins 71082-00000<BR> Bars 710812-0000<BR> CPC 40 00 73 EV SSL Certificate