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The London Evening Standard & Gold Bars

  • 15 May 2004
    The London Evening Standard
    Derry Street

    (Removed because of alleged copyright infringement, even though we substantially paraphrased it)

  • May 18, 2004
    Dear xxx,
    I am unsure of the reasoning behind it, however when we purchase bars off our suppliers they do not come with a certificate. This is standard throughout the industry.
    If you have any more enquiries please telephone us on the number below as we receive over 1,000 of emails a day and have trouble responding to them.
    Chard (1964) Ltd
    32 - 36 Harrowside
    FY4 1RJ
    Tel: (01253) 343081
    Fax: (01253) 408058
  • Tuesday, May 18
    0 Dear Caroline
    (Removed because of alleged copyright infringement, even though we substantially paraphrased it)
    London Evening Standard.
  • Dear Caroline:
    (Removed because of alleged copyright infringement, even though we substantially paraphrased it)
    The London Evening Standard.
  • We telephoned the London Evening Standard, and sent the following confirmatory e-mail:-
    Dear Annabelle,
    Thanks for your information and your offer to forward an email to xxx. I have actually found an e-mail address for him (removed by request) and sent him an e-mail. It would not do any harm for you to forward this message.
    We remain very concerned however about the Brian Johnson who contacted us today purporting to be from the London Evening Standard.
    You can view our comments about his call on our website, if this contains any inaccuracies about LES, we would be happy to correct them.
    Lawrence Chard
    Chard (1964) Limited
  • To: xxx. Tue, 08 Jun 2004
    Dear B,
    We received a rather aggressive telephone call today from someone calling himself Brian Johnson of the London Evening Standard. We have just attempted to contact the editor about this call, and have been told that there is no such person in their staff database. Could you please give us contact details for him?
    In addition, we would repeat our suggestion that you telephone us to resolve any queries or problems you may have.
    Lawrence Chard
    Chard (1964) Limited
  • Response
    To date we have not response except a reply, in 2004, on behalf of the editor stating that xxx. would contact us soon.
    We have heard nothing since from xxx. himself.

Name Changed to Protect the Innocent

We have recently received communication alleging that the original page contains libels and infringes copyright, neither of which we admit.
This is despite the fact that the page which this current page replaces has been in place since June 2004, and that we invited both parties named in it to check it and let us have their comments at the time. Probably as a result of recent news, we added a further page to our site about the person we believe to be originator of the hoax telephone call to us.
We have now replaced two pages of our site with substitute pages, as we do not wish to give the slightest excuse for legal action by any parties.

Who Is Brian Johnson?

It appears quite clear that our mystery caller was a hoaxer, and therefore presumably not using his real name. We wonder if anybody out there can help us to identify this malicious caller? If anybody has any information about his likely identity, or has perhaps received calls which they think may have been from the same source, please let us know.
We have our overwhelming suspicions!


It would only be fair of us to point out that we have now received a denial of any knowledge of the hoax telephone call, by an agent acting on behalf of the unnamed journalist.

Our original London Evening Standard Gold Bars page.

Gordon Ramsay Awarded £75,000 in Libel Damages Against the London Evening Standard

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