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Silver Krugerrands
There is no such thing as a silver Krugerrand.
Silver Krugerrands do not exist.

Update - November, 2016
The Rand Refinery are to issue bullion silver Krugerrands in late 2017. The South African Mint are also issuing a commemorative silver Krugerrand.

Why Have a Web Page for a Non- Existent Product?
You might well ask!
We believe in trying to describe our products and offers as clearly and accurately as possible, and think it would be a better world if everybody else thought the same way. Unfortunately, the world is not perfect, and there are many people out there who try to take advantage of the trust, naivety, and ignorance of others, just to make a few dollars, or sell some junk they happen to own. We suppose it's human nature to hope you have something good, and when one individual is trying to sell an article which he is not expert about, then it's probably natural to make the most optimistic assumptions about it, although we would argue that it does not absolve the seller of responsibility, or doing some simple reseach before making misleading claims and statements as fact. In addition to private individuals selling one single item, there are many small-time (and not-so-small-time) dealers flogging the same crap week after week with the same misleading, phoney, crooked, dishonest descriptions, or lack of them. Often these contain a hint that the "coin" is not a coin, but just enough to provide a get-out rather than promote clear understanding on the part of the reader or intended buyer.

eBay - Where Else?
eBay must be the world's largest venue for the exchange of stolen goods, fraudulent listings, misleading descriptions, and a host of other unsavoury, illegal, or unethical practices. We are almost ashamed to admit that we also offer items for sale via eBay, although we have reduced and restricted the number of items we list. Naturally, when we do use eBay, we try to maintain the same high standards as we do in the rest of our business including our websites. This is made more difficult because eBay do not permit links to information pages, and try to place barriers in the way of direct contact between buyer and seller. This hinders good honest traders like ourselves, but is a great help and benefit to crooks, fraudsters, and scammers. eBay does include some statements on its site about community values, and upholding standards. It also includes reporting tools for members to report items which breach eBay listing rules, suspected fraud, and more, but our experience is they hardly ever take any action in the vast majority of cases, possibly only when obliged to do so by law enforecement agencies, or other legal action. The rest of the time, it's just "spin"

Some dealers offering "silver Krugerrands" on eBay are actually fairly honest, in that they do describe their offerings as "silver rounds / bars", and also list them under category: "Coins & Paper Money Bullion Silver Bars, Rounds", Even then, they hardly ever spell out in a completely idiot-proof manner that the "coins" are not official, have no legal tender value, are not produced or sanctioned by the South African Mint or Government, not Krugerrands, and not even coins.
Many others use a description which leads many buyers to believe they are buying some kind of official coin, usually a "Silver Krugerrand", some describe them as South African.

South Africa 2 Gram .999 Silver Krugerrand Bullion
This is the title of an eBay listing under category: "Coins & Paper Money Bullion Silver Foreign Silver".
You would have to be pretty stupid to believe that it was an official coin, a Krugerrand, or even from South Africa, but there are a vast number of stupid people "One born every minute" according to Phineas T. Barnum, and this offer is clearly intended to mislead a sucker into buying. If the rest of the descripiton can be relied on, then there is about 60 pence ($1.20) worth of silver. The seller is a Power Seller (one of the pillars of eBay society), with a feedback of over 4,000 (and an unbelievable 100% positive rating). You would think he would know better.

eBay Guides
We did publish information about Krugerrands on ebay as an "ebay guide".

Krugerrand Misinformation
You may wish to look at our separate "Krugerrand Misinformation" page.

For information about Krugers, please visit our Krugerrand Information page.

If you wish to buy Krugerrands, you could visit our Krugers For Sale page.

Silver Krugerrand Commemorative on eBay
Silver Krugerrand Commemorative on eBay

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The 4 Sizes in the Krugerrand Family

Reverse of One Ounce Krugerrand
Reverse of One Ounce Krugerrand

Obverse of One Ounce Krugerrand
Obverse of One Ounce Krugerrand


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