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Live Gold Prices and Charts

Keep track of the price of Gold with our popular live gold bullion charts. Gold prices are displayed in three currencies, US Dollars, Pounds Sterling, and Euros.
All prices are spot prices per troy ounce.

Latest Gold Price

Krugerrand Reverse
Our Choice 1oz Gold Coins
Best value one ounce gold coins of our choice available to order.
Our Choice 1oz Gold Coins
Buy One Ounce Gold Coins Button
Gold Sovereigns
British Gold Sovereigns
British bullion sovereigns available to buy now.
Gold Sovereigns
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One Ounce Gold Britannia
Gold Britannias
New one ounce gold Britannias, in stock for immediate delivery.
Gold Britannias
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Gold Bars
Gold Bars
Gold bars in a wide variety of sizes, from 1g to 1kg.
Gold Bars
We Sell Gold Bars
South African Krugerrand
South African Krugerrands
Secondary market Krugerrands available to order now.
We sell krugerrands
2016 Gold Proof Sovereigns
2016 Gold Proof Sovereigns
The 2016 Proof Sovereigns available to order now featuring a new obverse design.
2016 Sovereign
2016 Gold Proof Sovereigns
2016 Gold Sovereigns
2016 Sovereigns
We have 2016 gold sovereigns in stock.
2016 Sovereign
2016 Gold Sovereigns
2016 Gold Nugget
2016 Kangaroo Nuggets
Australian kangaroo coins in stock now in a variety of sizes.
2016 Nuggets
2016 Kangaroo Nuggets
Our Choice One Kilo Gold Coins
Kilo Gold Coins
One kilo gold coins available at a 2.5% premium!
Kilo Gold Coins
Our Choice One Kilo Gold Coins
2016 Australian Gold Year of the Monkey Lunar Coin
2016 Australian Lunar Coins
Australian year of the monkey coins in stock now in a variety of sizes.
2016 Year of the Monkey Gold Coins
2016 Australian Gold Year of the Monkeys Lunar Coins

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Foreign Exchange Rates in US Dollars

British Gold Coins
We also sell gold coins of Great Britain.

American Gold Coins
We also sell gold coins of the USA.

We Also Buy Scrap Gold
Paying more than 99% of our competitors.

Highest Gold Prices
In US dollars, pounds sterling, and euros.

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In the three main currencies.

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US Dollar Exchange Rates in GBP £ Pounds Sterling

Gold Investment Advice

There are a number of pages on our site giving advice about various aspects of investing in gold.


Other Gold Prices

You may prefer to use some of the other gold price pages on our site. These have a limited selection of prices, but using a larger display which makes them easier to read.

All Gold Prices
Gold prices in 11 major currencies, but harder to read because of smaller font.

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24 hour Gold prices in GB Pounds Sterling

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24 hour Gold prices in US Dollars


24 hour Gold prices in Euros

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