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Pure Investment Gold

Pure Investment Gold from £72 is the headline of an advert by one of our competitors, which goes on to claim incorrectly that gold bars are exempt from CGT Capital Gains Tax.

We have recently publicised a page on this website which states that gold sovereigns are exempt from CGT, as they are sterling. If gold bars are also CGT exempt, we are nor aware of it. We believe that Treasure House Direct are mistaken, inaccurate and misleading in their statement about this. It is possible they have read the article and information on our web page, perhaps used it themselves about sovereigns, and then copied the information into an advert about gold bars. Naturally this is mere supposition on our part, but we would not be surprised if we were correct. In view of their inaccuracy, we would advise any potential customers of Treasure House Direct, or Pineapple Direct Limited to check this out for themselves, and perhaps write to ask them for a written statement about the CGT exemption claim.

Apart from being inaccurate, THD are also much more expensive than we are, although their prices do include postage, whereas we charge insured shipping at close to cost price as an extra. Even so, on all their listed products, we were less expensive, particularly on the larger size bars, as we would have expected.
Being fair to THD, newspaper advertising is expensive, and the cost of it needs to be recouped by advertisers from their customers.
On THD's featured product, with its price in the the biggest typeface, a 5 gram gold ingot (bar), they are only £7.50 more than our price, and after postage, merely £2.50 more. This still represents about 4% more than our prices. Obviously they try to make their headline item an attractive price, also we tend to see our typical customer as an investor, rather than a gift buyer, and our thoughts are that the smaller bars, which are usually sold at a higher premium over gold, are more for gifts than for serious investment.
We should also note that because we show postage separately, on orders for more than one single bar, the savings on buying from us would be greater.
We have prepared a price comparison table below showing THD's prices, and our prices calculated with gold at £319 per ounce, which was the approximate mid price on Tuesday 16th January 2007 when the advert appeared in the Daily Telegraph. In fact, when we first compared, our prices on each of the two smaller sizes would have been £1 each less, so we have been more than fair in our comparisons. It is also likely that gold was slightly lower than £319 when the THD advert was finalised, which would show our prices as being even better in comparison.
We base all our prices on live spot gold prices, which fluctuate almost constantly.

Comparison Table
These prices were correct at the time of creating this page, but have changed since.
ProductTHD PriceChard PriceSaving £Percentage
5 Gram Gold Ingot£72.50£65£7.5010%
10 Gram Gold Ingot£140£124£1611%
20 Gram Gold Ingot£275£216£5921%
50 Gram Gold Ingot£655£544£11117%
One of Each£1,142.50£949£193.5017%
Insured Delivery£0£5£-5N/A

Conclusion & Advice
Our conclusion and advice is to buy from the professionals and specialists - Chard (that's us!)
Not only are our gold bars more keenly priced than our competitors, we have thousands of pages of our websites, packed with useful, accurate, reliable information, together with our opinions and advice about the best ways to invest in gold.

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