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This page is intended as a link to different world countries of which we have gold coins for sale. It is not intended to be a complete list of countries issuing gold coins. As we add more pages to our site, we will create extra links on this page. If a country you are interested in is not linked here, it's worth taking a quick look at our "World Gold Coins" page, on which we list oddments.


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Rand Refinery Gold Bars
Rare Coin Investments PLC (RCI)
Rare Gold Coins as an Investment
Rat, Chinese Lunar Calendar Year
Ratio, Gold : Silver
Ratio, Gold : Platinum
Ratio, Platinum : Gold
Raw Coins
Real Coins at Bullion Prices
Record Highest Gold Price in Euros (EUR) - February 2008
Record Highest Gold Price in Pounds Sterling (GBP) - February 2008
Record Highest Gold Price in $ US Dollars (USD) - February 2008
Recycling Gold Jewellery & Scrap
Red Spots on Gold Coins
Regency Coins of Essex
Reject Quality Maples
Republic National Bank of New York Johnson Matthey Gold Bars
Rhenium Price in US Dollars
Rings - Half Sovereign
Roadshow Gold and Silver Cash Buyers
Rogues Gallery
Roman Gold Coins
Roosters - 2005 Australian Chinese Lunar Calendar Bullion Coins
Roosters - French 20 Francs 1899 - 1914
Ross, Harvey Michael of Leeds
Rothschilds Gold Bars
Rothschild Mocatta Goldsmid Kilo Gold Bar
Rothschild Quits Gold Market
Royal Mint - Dragon
Royal Mint Privatisation
Royal Mint Refinery Gold Bars
Royal Mint Refinery - RMR
Royal Mint Precious Fine Gold Coin Collection
Royals - Gibraltar
Royal Shield of Arms 2008 Proof Set
Rush, Gold
Ruthenium Price in US Dollars

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We buy & sell most types of investment gold coins and gold bars.

Rand Refinery Gold Bars
Rand Refinery Gold Bars

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