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Harvey Michael Ross of Leeds
Harvey Michael Ross of Leeds, coin bullion share dealer, did a runner owing 13.6 million, jailed for fraud.

Daily Telegraph Report
We show a screenshot of the Saturday 16th January 1988 edition of The Daily Telegraph, which reports that Ross was flown home from Uruguay after 2 years on the run.

Handcuffs Shame of Runaway 'Mr Gold'
By Paul Thompson, Daily Telegraph, Saturday 16th January 1998

HIGH-FLIER Harvey Ross came home in handcuffs yesterday after nearly two years on the run. Grim-faced and exhausted, the 38-year-old bullion dealer was escorted from an aircraft by a police guard. A raincoat was flung over the cuffs to shield them from other passengers on the flight from Amsterdam to Britain.
Behind him is a world of jet-set parties and a bride of a few weeks. Ahead are the questions about the alleged disappearance of 13.6 million of investors' cash. Ross's flight back to face British justice began 22 hours before in Uruguay, where he spent six months in a hell-hole jail waiting for extradition.
And for once the big spender, who vanished after his business crashed in Leeds in February 1986, didn't have a word to say.
The unshaven Ross was stopped from talking to newsmen by two detectives. But his solicitor, Paul McCormick, said on his behalf: "After the ordeal of the last few months, and a long journey, I am extremely tired and not able to discuss anything."
On the last leg of the trip from Amsterdam to Leeds Ross, wearing a crumpled blue suit, squirmed uncomfortably in his seat. He looked a sad figure, occasionally talking to Detective Sergeant Clive Kingswood next to him.
He left his seat just once to visit the toilet, and then he was not allowed to lock the door. A policeman stood outside the cubicle.
His flight from the stifling 90F heat of Montevideo ended an eight-month legal battle to fix the financier's extradition from South America.
Ross boarded the twin-engined Air UK plane after 23 other passengers. He sat at the back in handcuffs and was given Kosher food after a special request.

Ross allegedly fled to Israel before settling in Uruguay, and in June he was arrested by Interpol.
Despite a fierce legal battle, he was ordered back to Britain to face 52 sample charges of theft and deception.
It is the first time a Briton has been extradited from Uruguay. Police will question him about the alleged disappearance of nearly 13.6m.
Ross was married in his cell to socialite Laura de Barros, the 26-year-old daughter of the former boss of the Uruguayan navy.
The shock marriage was seen as a last-ditch attempt to evade arrest. But yesterday solicitor Paul McCormick revealed: "I can assure you it was not a marriage of convenience.

Dealing with Harvey Ross
Harvey Michael Ross appeared on the coin and bullion dealing scene quite suddenly, from nowhere, sometime in the 1970's. He immediately became one of our major competitors, but it's easy to do this when you are using other people's money.
At the time, there were only two other dealers offering competitive price spreads on Krugerrands and sovereigns, one was a Geoffrey Young of Harrogate, the other was us.
Ross used to quote some very keen two prices on the popular gold coins of the day. We used to both buy from him and sell to him fairly often. We did note some peculiarities in the ways he wanted transactions to be processed.
He always insisted that payments for deals were never contra-ed, but insisted on exchanging cheques or transfers in full in both directions. We came to suspect, and later to fully realise why.
On a number of occasions, when we had bought coins from him, he was unable to supply within our agreed time frame, and we often had to push him to get deliveries. On some occasions, we activated our right to cancel deals for non-delivery, and bought elsewhere. We only did this after giving him more than reasonable time and notice. He would reimburse us if this caused us a loss due to increased gold prices, but only after we pressed him to do so.

70,000 Loss
At the time Harvey Ross disappeared, he owed our company 70,000 according to Alan Holloway, who had on a number of occasions told me that it was alright, Harvey will pay us eventually. When he heard of Ross's runner, Holloway said he would kill Ross, and the voracity of this spontaneous outburst surprised me.
For some time before Ross's disappearance Holloway had been making visits to Ross, about monthly, ostensibly to agree, reconcile, and settle balances and outstanding deals during the previous month. My guess is that Ross was using us to try to help camouflage and legitimise some of his business dealings.

Lamborghini Countach
We knew that Ross had a somewhat flashy lifestyle, employing two very attractive receptionists, an in-house accountant, attending the nearby barber daily for a shave, ordering impossibly large quantities of food at Jumbo, the Chinese restaurant, but we were still surprised when we learnt he had bought a brand new Lamborghini Countach, which at the time was arguably the world's most desirable supercar, costing 25,000. We were never aware that he was a "petrol-head".

Harvey Michael Ross of Leeds in Daily Express
Harvey Michael Ross of Leeds in Daily Express


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