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Rothschild Gold Bars

RMR - Royal Mint Refinery
Nathan Rothschild began to deal in bullion from 1809 and his successors retained a close involvement with many aspects of this precious commodity, receiving gold dust from agents in California and Australia, securing rights over the Spanish quicksilver mine in Almadén (in order to sell the quicksilver to refiners of gold and silver bullion) and in 1852, taking over the lease of the Royal Mint Refinery in the East End of London. The Refinery business was sold to Engelhards in 1967, at which point many of its records were destroyed but enough survive to make a study of the history of the business a potentially rewarding project.
NMR acquired the lease of the Royal Mint Refinery in 1852 at a significant time when gold had recently been discovered in California and Australia. The first manager, a Frenchman, Michel Poisat, was recommended to Sir Anthony de Rothschild by his brother Nathaniel who was based in Paris. Poisat had been associated with the French Rothschilds in a refinery business in Paris and he supervised the recruitment, in France, of workers for the London business. To accommodate the influx of workers, Sir Anthony arranged for the construction of labourers' cottages on the refinery premises, near to the Royal Mint in London's East End. Over the following century the Royal Mint Refinery diversified to deal with a range of metals from bars of silver to copper foil. The enterprise was sold to Engelhard Industries Limited in 1967.
Strangely, we had never consciously noticed before October 2005, that the initials on Rothschild gold bars were RMR (or R.M.R.), rather lazily assuming they said NMR (or N.M.R.), after the initials of the London Branch of the Rothschilds empire, in turn named after Nathan Meyer Rothschild, the founder of the branch. We only became aware of this fact when we noticed an offer on eBay which stated this.

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