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World Gold Coins
We always have a constantly changing selection of various world gold coins from many different countries in addition to our usual stock of sovereigns, half sovereigns, and bullion gold coin issues
Please see also our Countries Index for other world gold coins.

List of Gold Coins For Sale

Because of gold bullion price fluctuations, our selling prices on most of these coins are subject to change without notice. Please don't let this stop you from ordering, we will do our best to meet your order.

Prices & Availability
The prices quoted in the US $ column may be out of date due to currency fluctuations.
CountryDenominationDateDescriptionWeightFinenessAGWMintageGradeStockPrice £Price $
Alderney£2199550th Anniversary VE Day47.54.91661.4011200Proof FDCYes£Ask$Ask
Andorra5 Diners1995 1.5552.99990.05 Proof FDCYes£Ask$As
AustraliaSovereign1859 SSydney Mint7.9881.9170.2354 FineYes£Ask$Ask
AustraliaSovereign1868 SSydney Mint7.9881.9170.2354 FineYes£Ask$Ask
Austria100 Coronas1915Restrike33.88.9000.9802 Unc.Yes£Ask$Ask
Bahamas$1001975 5.46.9170.1609 EFYes£Ask$Ask
Bermuda$501981Piedfort Royal Wedding Charles & Diana31.952.91660.9417690Proof FDCYes£Ask$Ask
Bermuda$101996Queen Mother7.776.5830.14585,000Proof FDCYes£Ask$Ask
Bolivia$40001979Year of the Child17.17.9000.49686,315Proof FDCYes£Ask$Ask
Canada$1001980Centenary Arctic Islands16.965.91660.5130,000Proof FDCYes£Ask$Ask
Cayman Islands$501980Edward VII to George VI11.34.5000.182311,000Proof FDCYes£Ask$Ask
Cook Islands$501995Queen Mother7.776.5830.14585,000Proof FDCYes£Ask$Ask
Dominican Republic200 Pesos1982Year of the Child17.17.9000.49684,303Proof FDCYes£Ask$Ask
Ethiopia400 Birr1980Year of the Child17.17.9000.49683,387Proof FDCYes£Ask$Ask
France10 Francs1857 3.2258.9000.093314,498,000about FineYes£Ask$Ask
Gambia150 Dalasis1996Queen Mother7.776.5830.14585,000Proof FDCYes£Ask$Ask
Gibraltar£501980175th Anniversary Death of Nelson15.9760.91660.47117,500UncSold£Ask$Ask
Guernsey£251998Royal Air Force 80th Anniversary7.81.9170.23022,500Proof FDCYes£Ask$Ask
Hong Kong$10001980Year of the Monkey15.97.91660.470818,000UncYes£Ask$Ask
Hong Kong$10001987Year of the Rabbit15.97.91660.470812,000Proof FDCYes£Ask$Ask
Isle of Man£21974 15.9253.91660.46952,500Proof FDCYes£Ask$Ask
Isle of ManOne Crown1980Queen Mother's 80th Birthday7.96.91660.23471,000Proof FDCYes£Ask$Ask
Jamaica$1001979Prince Charles Investiture 10th Anniversary11.34.9000.32812,891Proof FDCYes£Ask$Ask
Kiribati$1501979Independence - Traditional Meeting House15.98.91660.4694422UncYes£Ask$Ask
Liberia$201964William V.S Tubman18.6500.9000.539710,000about UncYes£Ask$Ask
Liberia$251972Sequicentennial of Founding of Liberia23.3120.9000.67463,000Proof -almost FDCYes£Ask$Ask
Mauritius250 Rupees1988Quarter Ounce Bullion8.513.9170.2500 UncYes£Ask$Ask
Mexico50 Pesos1947 41.67.9001.206 UncYes£Ask$Ask
Mongolia750 Tugrik1980Year of the Child18.79.9000.543732,000Proof FDCYes£Ask$Ask
Nepal1 Asarfi1980Year of the Child11.6600.9000.33744,055Proof FDCYes£Ask$Ask
PersiaHalf Pahlevi Reza Shah4.068.9000.1177 Unc.Yes£Ask$Ask
South Africa2 Rands1975 7.9881.9170.235412,000Unc.Yes£Ask$Ask
Tunisia75 Dinars1982Year of the Child15.55.9000.45004,518Proof FDCYes£Ask$Ask
Turkey100 Piastres  7.216.9170.2128 EFYes£Ask$Ask
Turks & Caicos Islands100 Crowns197910th Anniversary Prince Charles Investiture18.015.5000.289610,000Proof FDCYes£Ask$Ask
Turks & Caicos Islands100 Crowns1980Mountbatten 1900 - 197912.96.5000.2083 Proof FDCYes£Ask$Ask
USA10 Dollars1881 16.781.9000.48393,877,260Almost EFYes£Ask$Ask

Key to Table
Denomination = Denomination (Face Value)
Description = Whether the piece is commemorative, and if so what event, or other detail.
Weight = Gross weight in grams.
AGW = Actual Gold Weight (Intrinsic gold content) in Troy Ounces.
Grade = Grade or condition.
Proof = Specially struck collectors coin, usually with matt design on highly polished background.
FDC = Fleur de Coin = Perfect

Postage & Packing
UK Registered Post (Special Delivery) £9 per order
EU Insured Post £10 per order
USA Airmail $10 per order
USA Insured Shipping $20 per order
Rest of World (where available) £10 International Registered (fully insured)


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