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Alderney Gold Coins

Brief Alderney History
Alderney is part of the Channel Islands, being the third largest after Jersey and Guernsey. It is a dependency of the Island of Guernsey, is ruled directly by the British Crown, and is not subject to the British Parliament.
The Channel Islands, for those who do not know are in the English Channel (La Manche), and are much closer to France than to England.
It was evacuated during the German occupation of France in 1940, but was re-occupied by the islanders in 1945.

Alderney's First Coins
Alderney issued its own coins for the first time only in 1989, although it has only issued special commemorative and collector coins rather than circulating coins. Its gold coins are all proof issues. We sometimes have in stock a few Alderney coins. The mintage figures tend to be quite low, although perhaps this is to expected with a population of under 2,500.

Alderney Gold Coins
In the short time for which Alderney had been issuing gold coins, it has made a variety of denominations. These appear to split into two series. Large format two and five pound coins have been issued as gold proof versions of cupro-nickel commemorative crown sized coins. Another series starts with a small ten pound coin and progresses through twenty five, fifty and hundred pound coins.

Technical Specifications
DenominationDiameterWeightFinenessGold Content
One Pound (2005/2009)13.921.2440.9990.03996
One Pound25.5015.80.91660.5542
Two Pounds38.6147.5400.91661.4012
Five Pounds38.6147.5400.91661.4012
Five Pounds (2002 onwards)38.6139.94.91661.177
Ten Pounds16.503.1300.9990.1005
Twenty Five Pounds22.007.8100.9990.2509
Twenty Five Pounds Piedfort (2000)38.6139.94.91661.177
Twenty Five Pounds (2003)22.057.9800.9160.2534
Fifty Pounds26.5015.6100.9990.5014
Hundred Pounds62.5031.2100.9991.0025
Thousand Pounds1001,090.86.916631.15

Prices & Availability
Please contact us for current prices and availability prior to ordering.
1993Two PoundsRoyal VisitProof100
1993Twenty Five PoundsCoronation Anniversary 40 Years Commemorative - State CoachProof1,000
1995One PoundVictory in Europe 1945 50th Anniversary (VE Day)Proof500
1995Two PoundsLiberation - Return of the IslandersProof250
1997Twenty Five PoundsGolden Wedding Commemorative - Prince Charles' InvestitureProof2,500
1999Two PoundsTotal Solar EclipseProof100
1999Five PoundsChurchillProof125
1999Five Pounds Alderney & Guernsey Gold Proof Churchill Five Pound Set Proof125
2000Twenty Five Pounds60th Anniversary Battle of BritainProof 
2000Twenty Five PoundsQueen Mother CentenaryProof 
2001Five PoundsQueen's 75th BirthdayProof1,500
2002Five PoundsDuke of WellingtonProof200
2002 Princess of Wales - The Work ContinuesProof 
2002Twenty Five PoundsGolden JubileeProof2,500
2002 Five Pounds Golden Jubilee PiedfortProof 100
2002Twenty Five PoundsAlderney & Guernsey Golden Jubilee Two Coin SetProof1,000
2002/2003Twenty Five PoundsPrince William & Princess Diana Two Coin SetProof250
2003Five PoundsPrince WilliamProof250
2003Thousand PoundsPrince WilliamProof21
2003Five PoundsConcordeProof500
2003Twenty Five PoundsThe Mary RoseProof2,500
2004Five PoundsThe RocketProof500
20043 x Five Pounds60th Anniversary of D-DayProof500
2004Thousand PoundsD-Day Landings, One KiloSemi - Proof60
2005One PoundLord NelsonProof 
2005Thousand PoundsNelson & Battle of Trafalgar Bicentenary, One KiloSemi - Proof60
2007One PoundPrincess DianaProof20,000
2008Five PoundConcordeProof250
2008 One Pound ConcordeProof 1,000
2009One Pound50th Anniversary of the MiniProof5,000
2010Five PoundRoyal Engagement Alderney £5 Gold Proof Crown Proof1,000

Postage & Packing
UK Registered Post (Special Delivery) £9 per order
EU Insured Post £10 per order
USA Airmail $10 per order
USA Insured Shipping by Fedex $40 per order

Coins Wanted
We make an active market in almost all coins, including Alderney coins. If you have any of these coins to sell, please contact us, or post them to us for appraisal and offer.

Alderney Silver and Base Metal Coins
For silver and base metal coins of Alderney, please look at our original Chard Coins website.

Obverse of 2000 Alderney Gold £25 Proof
Obverse of 2000 Alderney Gold £25 Proof

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Reverse of 2002 Alderney Gold Proof One Pound
Reverse of 2002 Alderney Gold Proof One Pound

Reverse of Alderney Gold £2 of 1995
Reverse of Alderney Gold £2 of 1995

Concorde on Reverse of 2003 Alderney Gold Five Pounds
Concorde on Reverse of 2003 Alderney Gold Five Pounds

Spitfires on Reverse of 2000 Alderney Gold £25 Pounds
Spitfires on Reverse of 2000 Alderney Gold £25 Pounds


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