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Kiribati Gold Coins

Brief Kiribati History
Kiribati consists of about 30 coral islands and atolls in the South Western Pacific Ocean. The islands are believed to have been first spotted by Spanish mutineers in 1537, and became a British Protectorate in 1892, along with the Ellice Islands. Their status was later changed to a Colony. In 1976 the Ellice Islands split to become Tuvalu, and in 1979 The Gilbert Islands, together with the Phoenix Islands, and the Line Islands became independent, and at the same time changed their name to Kiribati. The capital is Bairiki on Tarawa Island, although by far the largest island is Christmas Island.

Kiribati Gold Coins
In 1976 Kiribati issued its own coins for the first time, and has also issued a number of commemorative coins including gold.

The obverse of all Kiribati coins bears its coat of arms, a shield with a frigate bird flying above a sunset at sea. Minimalists would appreciate the simple beauty of this design as interpreted on the coins by the engraver Mike Hibbert.
Likewise the reverse design of the gold $150 coin issued for independence shows a a clean simple design of a Maneaba, a traditional village meeting house.

Links with Samoa - Or is it a Split?
In 1998, Kiribati and Samoa, which was previously known as Western Samoa, jointly issued a two-part coin.

Technical Specifications
DenominationDescriptionDiameterWeightFinenessGold Content
$50Kiribati Half of Joint Coin with Samoa24.5*3.8710.9990.1243
2 x $50Combined Halves24.5*7.8756.9990.2530

Notes on Table
Diameter = Diameter in millimetres.
Weight = Gross weight in grams.
Fineness = purity of gold alloy.
Gold Content = Actual gold content in troy ounces.

Prices & Availability
Please telephone for current prices and availability.
The prices quoted in the US $ column may be out of date due to currency fluctuations.
DateDenominationDescriptionGradeMintageAvailabilityPrice £Price $
1979$150Independence - ManeabaProof386Yes£165$275
1979$150Independence - ManeabaUncirculated422Yes£140$230
1997 / 1998 / 20002 x $50 Both Halves of Two-Part CoinProof, about FDC2,500Yes£135$270

Postage & Packing
UK Registered Post (Special Delivery) £9 per order
EU Insured Post £10 per order
USA Airmail $10 per order
USA Insured Shipping $20 per order

Kiribati Silver and Base Metal Coins
For silver and base metal coins of Kiribati, please look at our original Chard Coins website.

Coins Wanted
We make an active market in almost all world coins, gold or otherwise, including Kiribati gold coins. If you have any of these coins to sell, please contact us, or post them to us for appraisal and offer.

Kiribati Flag

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Obverse of Kiribati Gold $150 of 1979
Obverse of Kiribati Gold $150 of 1979

Reverse of Kiribati Gold $150 of 1979
Reverse of Kiribati Gold $150 of 1979

Reverse of Kiribati Gold $150 of 1979
Reverse of Kiribati 1998 Titanic Sinking Gold Coin

Reverse of Kiribati Gold $150 of 1979
Obverse of Kiribati 1998 Titanic Sinking Gold Coin


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