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Large Gold Coins

Gold Coins Containing Over One Ounce
Only a small number of countries have ever issued gold coins containing over an ounce of gold, yet we know of many collectors interested in larger sized gold coins. To make life easy, we have created this page which will list most, if not all, of the world's large gold coins. We have also included a number of large diameter coins which may weigh under one ounce, but we have included them as most people would consider them as large gold coins.

Australian Bullion Coins
Australia issues two ounce, ten ounce and one kilo bullion coins. As these are only marginally less expensive than their one ounce cousins, and are in less convenient sizes, they have not been as popular as the one ounce originals, and are mainly bought by collectors or as gift items. (One kilo gold nugget coins make great paperweights!). For this reason most investors will not buy these larger coins. conversely means that their mintage figures are quite low, and may make them more attractive to certain collectors.

Obscure Countries
Sometimes it seems that the smaller and less important the country, the bigger their coins.
The following states have all issued large gold coins, usually as commemoratives:-
Australia, Ethiopia, Somalia,

List of Large Gold Coins
The following table shows most of the large gold coins:-
CountryDenominationDatesDiameterWeightGold Content
Albania200 Leke1968 - 19704539.49001.1427
Albania500 Leke1968 - 19705598.74002.8574
Alderney2 Pounds1989- 38.6147.541.4011
Alderney5 Pounds1995- 38.6147.541.4011
Anguilla$1001969 - 19705049.371.4287
Australia$200 (2 Ounce Nugget)1992- 4062.21402.0000
Australia$1,000 (10 Ounce Nugget)1992- 59.7311.067010.0000
Australia$3,000 (1 Kilo Nugget)1992- 75.01,000.100032.1575
Australia$1,000,000 (1 Tonne Nugget)2012 800.00 1,012 kgs 32150.70
Austria10 Ducats1601 - 173038 - 4335.00001.1095
Austria12 Ducats1629 - 16364342.00001.3314
Austria15 Ducats1636 -  52.50001.6643
Austria16 Ducats1654 - 4556.00001.7744
Austria20 Ducats1626 - 17393870.00002.2190
Austria24 Ducats1654 - 4784.00002.6628
Austria25 Ducats1620 -  87.50002.7725
Austria40 Ducats1629 - 58140.00004.4380
Austria50 Ducats1629 -  175.00005.5480
Austria100 Ducats1629 -  350.000011.0960
Bahamas$2501985 - 3947.54001.4017
Bahamas$1,0001983 - 3741.47001.2001
Bahamas$2,5001983 - 72407.260012.0082
Benin (Dahomey)10,000 Francs19713735.55001.0287
Benin (Dahomey)25,000 Francs19715488.88002.5720
Bhutan5 Sertums19663739.94001.1776
Brunei$1,0001978- 3950.00001.4742
Cameroon10,000 Francs19704335.00001.0128
Cameroon20,000 Francs19706270.00002.0257
Great Britain£51820-36.0239.94001.1771
Great BritainCrown1990-38.6139.94001.1771
Mexico50 Pesos1921 - 1947-3641.671.2057
Panama500 Balboas19764541.70001.2067
Persia10 Tomans131349  
Persia25 Tomans130148  
Persia25 Tomans130750  
Somalia20 Shillings17.752.8000.900.0810
Somalia50 Shillings1965 - 196623.57.0000.2025
Somalia100 Shillings1965 - 196627.514.0000.4051
Somalia200 Shillings1965 - 19663828.8000.8102
Somalia500 Shillings1965 - 19664970.00002.0257

To be continued...

Other World Coins

Reverse of 2007 Crown Gold Proof Diamond Wedding Anniversary

Obverse of 2007 Crown Gold Proof Diamond Wedding Anniversary

Obverse of 2007 Crown Gold Proof Diamond Wedding Anniversary

Obverse of 2007 Crown Gold Proof Diamond Wedding Anniversary

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