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Goldline International Rare Gold Coins Investment Scam

We had already noticed Goldline International Inc as one of the many US dealers dubiously pushing buyers towards 'rare' and pre 1933 gold coins in place of bullion coins well before the Weiner and other reports.

Rare Gold Coins as an Investment
Rare gold coins or gold bullion coins. Which is the better investment? We try to give some impartial advice to collectors and investors.
Includes a brief discussion about pre 1933 US gold coins.

Great Minds Think Alike

A quick search showed the following critical websites or pages referring to Goldline directly or indirectly:
  • Fools Gold: Inside the Glenn Beck Goldline Scheme
    Goldline International is under investigation by the Santa Monica City Attorney’s office, jointly with the Los Angeles County District Attorney’s office, as well as being the subject of a separate investigation by Congress into the possible criminal practices. The firm has been the subject of an ABC Nightline News Exposé, as well as an investigation by NY Congressman Weiner). Jess Bachman, who did several of the fantastic illustrations for Bailout Nation, turns his graphic expertise to the Glenn Beck/Goldline endorsement scheme: (We reproduce his graphic on this page under license).

  • As Seen on TV: An Investigation of Goldline International
    Presented by Congressman Anthony D. Weiner 5/17/2010

  • I Was Right: Goldline’s Pre-1933 Gold Coins Scam
    Learn Gold Coins
    How to buy gold coins and invest in gold.

    You Tube video

  • Goldline Scam with Glenn Beck, GOP, Fox Network (Nightline 7-19-10)
    You Tube video
  • Glenn Beck & Goldline's Tag-Team Scam
    I bought gold bullion at 600$ / oz.... it's now around $1,100. It's just a hedge against paper money going bust. Nothing wrong with that.
    BUT... some unprincipled elements in the right-wing are exploiting fear and pushing bad gold purchases. Glenn Beck and Goldline International have been exposed in a Mother Jones article entitled Glenn Beck's Golden Fleece.

  • Glenn Beck's Golden Fleece
    How Beck and other right-wing talkers turned paranoia into a pitch for Goldline, the gold dealer one congressman says is conspiring to "cheat consumers." A Mother Jones investigation. — By Stephanie Mencimer

  • Did The BBB Give Goldline an Easy A?
    When Rep. Anthony Weiner (D-NY) released a report yesterday accusing Glenn Beck's favorite gold company and sponsor of ripping off consumers, the company sent out a press release disputing the charges. Among the defenses it raised was Goldline's "A+ rating" from the Better Business Bureau. Beck, too, has highlighted the BBB endorsement in his defense of Goldline. But does that rating really mean anything?

Buying Gold – A Consumer’s Guide

Type of CoinMelt ValueBest CompetitorsGoldlineExcessExcess %
1/10-oz. High Grade Gold American Eagle MS-69114.13175239.2264.2236.7
1/10-oz. Bullion Gold American Eagles114.13141.57153.1511.588.18
1/4-oz. Bullion Gold American Eagles285.33315.45339.524.057.62
1/2-oz. Bullion Gold American Eagles570.65611.85655.0743.227.06
1 - oz. Bullion Gold American Eagles1141.31200.08125554.924.58
1/10-oz.Proof Gold American Eagles114.13197.12330.75133.6367.79
1/4-oz. Proof Gold American Eagles285.33318.77813.75494.98155.28
1/2-oz. Proof Gold American Eagles570.65925161769274.81
1-oz. Proof Gold American Eagles1141.315953202.51607.5100.78
4-Piece Proof Gold Eagle Sets2111.413155.385924.632769.2587.76
1/10-oz. Gold Canadian Maple Leafs114.47134.09143.589.497.08
1/4-oz. Gold Canadian Maple Leafs285.67313.45343.9930.549.74
1-oz. Gold Canadian Maple Leafs1140.041170.7124473.36.26
1-oz. Gold South African Krugerrands1141.641176.01123962.995.36
BU Swiss 20 Franc 'Vreneli'233.74243.76492.74248.98102.14
MS-62 $5 Liberty Gold Coins276.05575850.5275.547.91
2006 MS-69 First Strike Gold Eagles1252.1713502070.2720.253.35
B.U. French 20 Franc 'Rooster' Gold233.85240.76394.24153.4863.75

Goldline International - Copyright Thieves
Not only do Goldline treat their customers as suckers, they steal some of their best coin photographs from us.

Superior Gold Group, Bruce Sands, of Santa Monica California (

Gold Coin Dealer Faces Lawsuit Over Sales Tactics

Goldline wants private arbitration
Gold coin dealer faces lawsuit over sales tactics 1st Dec 2010

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Goldline International Inc Krugerrands Page
Goldline International Inc Krugerrands Page

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Reverse of 2008 Canadian One Ounce Gold Maple Leaf Coin

Reverse of 2008 Canadian One Ounce Gold Maple Leaf Coin


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