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We accept cash payment for investment gold coins and bars, but only within EU money laundering rules. We briefly explain.

Money Laundering
Under EU and UK anti-money-laundering laws, most businesses will not and cannot accept amounts of cash equivalent to €15,000 or more, without registering expressly for the purpose, and there are annual fees payable for the privilege of being registered.
This applies to the person spending the cash and anyone associated with them. For example, if you were to purchase goods to the value of 15,000 in cash we would not then be able to accept any further cash payments from you, your partner / parent /sibling / friend etc within a five year period. This only applies to cash payments, we will happily accept payments by debit card, cheque or bank transfer to any value. If you have any questions or would like further clarification on this, please don't hesitate to contact us.

We, in common with numerous other UK businesses, assume a £10,000 limit. Some assume much less.

Cash as an Investment Concept - Glossary Entries

  • Cashflow Return on Investment (CFROI)
    Projected generated cash as a proportion of market capital. CFROI avoids the focus on reported earnings and allows company comparison across both sectors and markets.
  • Liquidity
    The quality possessed by a financial instrument of being readily convertible into cash without significant loss of value.
  • Cash Sale
    A transaction on the floor of the stock (or other market) exchange that calls for delivery of the securities the same day. In "regular way" trade, the seller is to deliver on the third business day, except for bonds, which are the next day.
  • Cash Dividend
    Dividend paid in cash, cheque, or bank transfer, as opposed to in shares.
  • Cash & Equivalents
    The sum of cash and short term investments.
  • Cash Flow Pre-tax profit plus depreciation allowances and other charges. In the US the term has a precise accounting definition, net income with depreciation charges added back.
  • Contango
    When prices for future delivery in a commodities market are higher than those for cash or spot transactions. The gap between a cash price and a forward quotation is often based on current interest rates plus storage and insurance costs to cover the cost of holding the commodity for the relevant period. The opposite is backwardation.
  • Current Assets
    Total current assets, representing cash and other assets that are reasonably expected to be realised in cash, sold or consumed within one year or one operating cycle. Generally it is the sum of cash and equivalents, receivables, inventories, prepaid expenses and other current assets.
  • Cash
    Is a term used in several ways. Sometimes refers to immediate funds, the settlement payment on the trade date, instruments which display high degrees of liquidity and act as cash equivalents, or the spot market.
  • Cash Cow
    Is a security, investment or a project which generates or throws off lots of funds due to contacts or contracts. Sometimes, the basis for this asset is an excellent customer, a monopolistic market position, or special advantage afforded by patents, licenses, or other economic properties. This cash flow can be used for many purposes. Typically, this situation constitutes the fundamental franchise of a business.
  • Cash Equivalent Security
    Is a term which has several meanings. It often refers to high grade instruments which are very liquid and have very little time to maturity. Among these are treasury bills, commercial paper, and bankers' acceptances. In a somewhat broader sense it can include money market shares and short-term municipal paper.
  • Cash on Delivery or C.O.D. (COD) Transaction
    Occurs when the buyer of securities pays for them when the actual delivery is made at the buyer's bank. This transaction is also known as a DVP or Delivery versus Payment. Regulation T states other conditions for DVPs.
  • Cash Sale or Cash Transaction
    Is a transaction which calls for cash payment, delivering and settlement on the same day as the trade. This compares to a Regular Way transaction which are traded on one day and settled on a different day in accordance with industry standards or special terms. These trades are sometimes made to receive a dividend, to be entitled to a rights offering, or to be a shareholder on a record date in order to vote.
    It should be noted that the settlement process has been shrinking in order to reduce the risk associated with an open trade and its still to be made settlement.
  • Cash Settlement
    Is the practice of making a final cash payment or adjustment for an open position. This process differs from early or traditional futures markets that required either a futures contract offset or the delivery of a physical commodity. The cash settlement process recognizes the insurability factor of risk management products. This trend towards cash settlements reduces instability due to squeezes, weather, or other disruptive variables.

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