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1981 Gold Coins
This page is part of an ambitious plan to cross-index all the gold coins, and all the pages on our website by type, date, and country. Please bear with us if some index pages are not complete.

Gold Coins of 1981
Half sovereigns were not issued in every year, and this is one date for which none were issued.

Why Not?
This is often the next question we get asked. It would be better to ask the Royal Mint, but we can tell you that coins are only produced when they are needed. The last date of half sovereign struck by the Royal Mint for circulation was 1915, although some of the branch mints continued striking them until 1926.
In 1982, the Royal Mint struck and issued a quantity to supply demand for bullion coins, and then again in 2000. It now seems likely that half sovereigns will continue to be issued yearly.

Proof Half Sovereigns
Since 1980, the Royal Mint has issued half sovereigns in proof grade, for sale to collectors. Proofs are coins which are specially struck with a very high standard of finish. These are only issued in limited quantities, and are more expensive than ordinary bullion or circulation type coins. Even so, no proof half sovereigns were issued in 1981, although they have been issued every year since.

We are able to suggest a few alternatives. We hope you find this information useful.

1981 Sovereigns
The good news is that full sovereigns were issued in 1981, both in ordinary uncirculated and also proof versions. We have details of these on our Gold Sovereigns website. Alternatively to order online use the link below:

Quantity Rate Buy
Call to check availability

Five Pounds
In 1981, gold five pound coins were also issued, as proofs only, these are shown on our site on our Five Pounds page.

All four sizes of Krugerrands were issued in 1981, so we may have them available. Take a look at our Krugerrands For Sale page, or
Tenth Krugerrands by Date
Quarter Krugerrands by Date
Half Krugerrands by Date
Krugerrands by Date

Other Dates of Half Sovereign
If you wish to check any other dates of half sovereign, take a look at our Half Sovereigns - Which Dates Exist? page.

Obverse of 1981 Five Pounds
Obverse of 1981 Five Pounds

Reverse of 1981 Five Pounds
Reverse of 1981 Five Pounds

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