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Gold Britannia Proof Sets - Buy & Sell Prices

This is our new buy - sell page for Britannia 4 coin gold proof sets. For over 40 years we have been making competitive buy and sell prices for most coins including gold bullion and proof sets.

Gold At All Time High in Sterling
In February 2009 gold reached its highest ever Sterling gold price. In view of this we have had to increase the prices of all our gold Britannia Sets, obviously this isn't good news if you are buying, but fantastic news if you are selling.
These are sample prices based on £650 per ounce. If gold fluctuates dramatically in either direction please telephone us as these prices will be incorrect once again.

Complete 4 Coin Proof Britannia Sets
All prices are subject to gold bullion price fluctuations, and changes in supply and demand.
DateBoxMintageAvailabilityIssue £Buying £Selling £
1987Long Black10,000Yes££1,400£1,775
1988Long Black3,505Yes££1,400£1,775
1989Long Black2,268Yes££1,400£1,775
1990Square Black527Yes£1050£1,400£1,805
1991Square Black509Ask£1070£1,400£1,805
1992Square Black500Ask£1070£1,400£1,805
1993Square Black462Ask£1070£1,400£1,805
1994Square Black435Yes£1070£1,400£1,805
1995Square Black500Ask£1070£1,400£1,805
1996Square Black483Yes££1,400£1,805
1997Long Red892Ask£1045£1,450£1,850
1998Long Red750Yes£1045£1,400£1,775
1999Long Red750Ask£1045£1,400£1,775
2000Long Red or Maroon750Yes£889£1,400£1,775
2001Long Red1,000Yes£889£1,450£1,775
2002Long Red1,000Yes£889£1,400£1,705
2003Long Red1,250Yes£889£1,400£1,705
2004Long Red1,250Yes£889£1,400£1,805
2005Long Red1,500June 2005£935£1,400£1,805
2006Long Red Ask£1,000++£1,400£1,805
2007Long Red Yes£1,000++£1,400£1,850
2008Long Red? Yes£1,000++£1,400£1,805
2009Long Red? Yes£1,000++£1,480£2,250
2010Long Red? Yes£1,000++£1,480£2,250

Prices reflect not only gold bullion price changes, but also our own stock position, and supply demand trends.
All prices assume that coins are perfect, and sets are complete with certificates. Earlier boxes may be slightly less than perfect condition.
It is advisable to check all prices before ordering.

Postage & Packing
UK Registered Post (Special Delivery) £9 per order
EU Insured Post £10 per order
USA Airmail £10,
Insured Shipping £20
Canada Airmail £15,
Insured Shipping via Fedex £40

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Four Coin Britannia Proof Set with Case
Four Coin Britannia Proof Set with Case

Obverse of 1987 One Ounce Britannia - One Hundred Pounds

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The Beautiful Standing Britannia Reverse Design Shown on the First Gold Britannia of 1987
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Reverse of Half Ounce Gold Britannia
Half Ounce

Reverse of Quarter Ounce Gold Britannia
Quarter Ounce

Reverse of Tenth Ounce Gold Britannia
Tenth Ounce


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