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Gold Britannias Index Page
This is our index of all our gold Britannia pages on this site.

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Half Sovereign & Tenth Britannia Sets
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Proof Tenth Ounce Coins - £10
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Proof Half Ounce Coins - £50
Proof One Ounce Coins - £100
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1997 Bullion Britannias
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1999 Bullion Britannias
2000 Britannia Proof Sets
2000 Bullion Britannias
2001 Britannia Proof Sets
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2001 Britannia Tenth Proofs
2002 Britannia Proof Sets
2002 Britannia Quarter Proofs
2002 Bullion Britannias
2002 Britannia Tenth Proofs
2003 Britannia Proof Sets
2003 Bullion Britannias
2003 Britannia Quarter Proofs
2003 Britannia Tenth Proofs
2004 Britannia Proof Sets
2004 Bullion Britannias
2004 Britannia Quarter Proofs
2004 Britannia Tenth Proofs
2005 Britannia Proof Sets
2005 Bullion Britannias
2005 Britannia Quarter Proofs
2005 Britannia Tenth Proofs
2006 Britannia Proof Sets
2006 Bullion Britannias
2006 Britannia Quarter Proofs
2006 Britannia Tenth Proofs
2007 Britannia Proof Sets
2007 Bullion Britannias
2007 Britannia Quarter Proofs
2007 Britannia Tenth Proofs
2008 Britannia Proof Sets
2008 Bullion Britannias
2008 Britannia Quarter Proofs
2008 Britannia Tenth Proofs
2009 Britannia Proof Sets
2009 Bullion Britannias
2009 Britannia Quarter Proofs
2009 Britannia Tenth Proofs
2010 Britannia Proof Sets
2010 Bullion Britannias
2010 Britannia Quarter Proofs
2010 Britannia Tenth Proofs
2011 Britannia Proof Sets
2011 Bullion Britannias
2011 Britannia Quarter Proofs
2011 Britannia Tenth Proofs
2012 Britannia Proof Sets
2012 Bullion Britannias
2012 Britannia Quarter Proofs
2012 Britannia Tenth Proofs
2013 Britannia Proof Sets
2013 Bullion Britannias
2013 Britannia Quarter Proofs
2013 Britannia Tenth Proofs
2014 Britannia Proof Sets
2014 Bullion Britannias
2014 Britannia Quarter Proofs
2014 Britannia Tenth Proofs
2015 Britannia Proof Sets
2015 Bullion Britannias
2015 Britannia Quarter Proofs
2015 Britannia Tenth Proofs
2016 Bullion Britannias
2017 Bullion Britannias

Silver Britannias
We do not feature any silver Britannias on our Tax Free Gold Website, but we do have them listed on our original site

Britannia History
There is a brief illustrated history of Britannia on British coins on our original website. It also includes Britannia on Roman coins, and a few medallions. What started as a single page has now been expended, then split onto about 20 different sub-pages for faster loading due to the number of images.

Obverse of 1987 One Ounce Britannia - One Hundred Pounds

We Sell Britannias

Bullion Coin Selector Page

The Beautiful Standing Britannia Reverse Design Shown on the First Gold Britannia of 1987
One Ounce

Fractional Britannias
Size to Scale

Reverse of Half Ounce Gold Britannia
Half Ounce

Reverse of Quarter Ounce Gold Britannia
Quarter Ounce

Reverse of Tenth Ounce Gold Britannia
Tenth Ounce


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