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One Ounce Gold Britannias by Date

Gold Britannia Bullion Coins
Gold Britannia bullion coins were introduced in 1987 in four different sizes, one ounce, half ounce, quarter ounce and tenth ounce. Full information about Britannias can be found on our Britannias Information page.

Collecting Gold Bullion Coins by Date
The original concept of gold bullion coins, and Krugerrands were first in 1967, was to make it easy for individuals to buy gold in convenient quantities at low premium over gold. In the early days, there can have been few collectors who collected different dates of bullion gold coins. As time has passed, more dates are available, more sizes are available, more countries produce gold bullion coins, and some of the countries are competing by minting bullion coins with higher production quality, and also by changing the designs every year. In the last few years we have seen an increase in the number of collectors looking to make a complete date collection of various bullion coin issues.
In general it can be quite difficult to complete date collections of bullion coins, this is because demand for bullion coins fluctuates considerably from year to year, and because the mints don't make much profit on them, they don't put much effort into producing or marketing different dates. It can be very difficult even to discover whether any were issued in any particular year.
The excellent Krause World Coins and World Gold Coin catalogues are not completely clear on their listing of many of the bullion coin dates. We have unsuccessfully asked the South African mint for information about Krugers on numerous occasions, and also the Royal Mint about Britannias, to no avail as yet.
When we do get any information about mintage figures, we will publish them on this site.
Meanwhile we believe that some rare dates will emerge amongst gold bullion coins.

One Ounce Gold Britannias
One ounce Britannias have a face value of £100, and contain a full ounce of gold.
One ounce versions are possibly the most popular of all the four main sizes of gold bullion coins. Because of this, it should be easier to find a complete date collection, although it is still not easy. This will also provide quite a challenge to any collector wishing to acquire a complete date set.
Proof versions have been issued in every year, usually only in complete sets, but sometimes individually also. While it makes it possible and easier to complete a collection using proof coins, many "purist" collectors will understandably want only the normal uncirculated version. In the future we think that a number of rare dates will emerge, and some could command relatively high prices.

Fancy a Challenge?
If you fancy a challenge, just try getting one of every date of non-proof Britannias, either just the one ounce versions, or all four weights. It will be much harder than you think!

Dates For Sale
1987 Classic StandingAsk
1988 Classic StandingAsk
1989 Classic StandingAsk
19905,208Classic StandingAsk
19918,853Classic StandingAsk
19928,012Classic StandingAsk
199324,689Classic StandingAsk
199414,497Classic StandingAsk
19958,042Classic StandingAsk
19968,275Classic StandingAsk
1997 ChariotAsk
1998  Not Issued
19991,277Classic StandingAsk
2000 Classic StandingAsk
2001 Una and the LionAsk
2002 Classic StandingAsk
2003 Helmeted PortraitYes
2004 Classic StandingYes
2005  Not Issued
2006  Not Issued
2007 Seated BritanniaAsk
2008 Britannia with WavesAsk
2009 ChariotAsk
2010 Modern PortraitAsk
2011 Britannia with FlagAsk
2012 Classic StandingAsk
2013 Classic StandingAsk
2014 Classic StandingAsk
2015 Classic StandingAsk
2016 Classic StandingAsk
2017 Classic StandingAsk

Please check our Standard Terms for Bullion Coins.
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EU Insured Post £10 per order
USA Airmail $10, Insured Shipping $20
Canada Airmail $15, Insured Shipping via Fedex $40

Britannia Proof Sets

Reverse of 2004 Proof Gold Britannia

Reverse of 2004 Proof Gold Britannia

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Reverse of 2004 Britannia £25 Gold Proof

Reverse of 2004 Britannia £100 Gold Proof

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Reverse of 2007 Britannia £100 Gold Proof
Reverse of 2007 Britannia £100 Gold Proof


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