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Second hand Sovereign / coin Pendants
It is traditional in many countries to wear gold coin jewellery.
Fashions change, and the style of the mounts change to follow fashion.

Second Hand Sovereign / coin Pendants
ImageReferenceWeightDateTypeDescriptionAvailableOur Price £Price $
sovereignpendant1879 websp00112.97g1879Young Head VictoriaDiamond and Sapphire Fancy Sovereign PendantSold£350$Ask
Fancy Sovereign Pendant with Flower and Leaf Detail websp00214.81g1884Young Head VictoriaFancy Sovereign Pendant with Flower and Leaf DetailYes£380$Ask
Star/Flower Shaped Sovereign Pendant websp00312.28g1906Edward VIIStar/Flower Shaped Sovereign PendantYes£310$Ask
Triangular Half Sovereign Pendant websp0047.5g1912George VTriangular Half Sovereign PendantYes£185$Ask
Fancy Diamond Shaped Half Sovereign Pendant websp00512.02g1982Queen Elizabeth IIFancy Diamond Shaped Half Sovereign PendantYes£190$Ask
Large Fancy Tiered Sovereign Pendant websp00620.7g1929King George VLarge Fancy Tiered Sovereign PendantYes£435$Ask
Heart Design Sovereign Pendant websp00711.8g1887Queen Victoria Young HeadHeart Design Sovereign PendantYes£335$Ask
Scroll Top Sovereign Pendant websp0089.5g1911King George VScroll Top Sovereign PendantYes£270$Ask
Fancy 'Heart and Arrow' Sovereign Pendant websp00912.6g1967Queen Elizabeth IIFancy 'Heart and Arrow' Sovereign PendantYes£315$Ask
Fancy 'Leaf and Circle' Sovereign Pendant websp01018.8g1886Queen Victoria Young HeadFancy 'Leaf and Circle' Sovereign PendantYes£440$Ask
Plain Sovereign Pendant websp0118.1g1968Queen Elizabeth IIPlain Sovereign PendantYes£250$Ask
Fancy Sovereign Pendant websp01212.6g1901Queen Victoria Old HeadFancy Sovereign PendantYes£345$Ask
Enamelled Sovereign Pendant websp01311.9g1907King Edward VIIEnamelled Sovereign PendantYes£305$Ask
Sovereign Pendant with Curved Base websp01411.5g1968Queen Elizabeth IISovereign Pendant with Curved BaseYes£300$Ask
US Eagle in Plain Mount websp01518.6g1914Indian Head $10US Eagle in Plain MountYes£655$Ask
Ornate Leaf Design Sovereign Pendant websp01615.6g1966Queen Elizabeth IIOrnate Leaf Design Sovereign PendantYes£151$Ask
US Double Eagle in Fancy Repeated Scroll Design Pendant websp01743.1g1908St Gaudens $20US Double Eagle in Fancy Repeated Scroll Design Pendant
Please note that this image is not a clear representation of the coin. Unfortunately due to the lighting we use
Ornate 'Swirly' Undulating Kruger Pendant websp01844.2g1970South African 1 oz KrugerrandOrnate 'Swirly' Undulating Kruger PendantSold£439$Ask
Scroll Top Mounted Britannia websp01936.5g19871 oz Standing BritanniaScroll Top Mounted BritanniaYes£393$Ask
Fancy Scroll Design Pendant websp02021.0g1915*Austrian 4 DucatFancy Scroll Design PendantYes£219$Ask
Mill-grained 1/4 oz Kruger Pendant websp02110.5g1981South African 1/4 oz KrugerrandMill-grained 1/4 oz Kruger PendantYes£117$Ask
Diamond Cut Pendant websp0228.4g1986Canadian 1/4 oz MapleDiamond Cut PendantYes£105$Ask
US Quarter Eagle Scroll Top Pendant websp0238.9g1906Liberty Head Coronet $5US Quarter Eagle Scroll Top PendantAsk£Ask$Ask
1887 Five Pound Piece Pendant websp0248.9g1887Queen Victoria Jubilee HeadFive Pound Piece Fancy Scroll Top PendantNo£$Ask
1899 Sovereign Pendant websp0258.9g1899Queen Victoria Old HeadFancy Rope Design Sovereign PendantAsk£Ask$Ask
1899 Sovereign Pendant websp0268.9g1899Queen Victoria Old HeadWhite and Yellow Gold Fancy 'Flower and Leaf' Design Sovereign PendantAsk£Ask$Ask
1887 Five Pound Piece Pendant websp0273.5g1887Queen Victoria Jubilee HeadFive Pound Piece Scroll Top PendantYes£585$Ask
1979 Krugerrand Pendant websp0282.9g1979 South African 1oz KrugerrandSouth African Kruger PendantYes£449$Ask
1974 Krugerrand Pendant websp02943.6g1974South African 1oz Krugerrand Fancy South African Kruger PendantYes£1193$Ask
1912 Sovereign Pendant websp03011.2g1912George VSovereign Circular Design Fancy PendantYes£214$Ask