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Value Investing: Coins. Gold, Silver & Other Precious Metals
The expression 'Value Investing' was coined by Benjamin Graham and David Dodd of Columbia Business School in 1928. Its most notable modern exponent is Warren Buffet of Berkshire Hathaway. It was originally applied to shares (stocks or securities), but can be applied equally to alternative investments.

Buy in the Cheapest Form
Within reason!

Buy at Low Prices
It makes sense to buy gold when its price is low rather than high.

Compare Percentages not Prices
When trying to compare different forms of gold, compare the percentage over the gold price for each option.

Investment Advice
We try to keep our investment advice very simple. We have split it into various sections to address different aspects of coin and precious metals investment.

Don't be a Lemming
We often see spectacular examples of people paying far too much.

Gold Silver Ratio
Look at the ratio between gold and silver prices. This can give a very quick guide and insight as to whether one is cheap or dear compared with the other.

Gold Prices
There are now live spot gold prices available on this website, please see our gold prices page.

Ch... ch... ch... ch... Changes
The market for physical gold is changing and evolving constantly. We try to combine the best generic advice with updated information. Remember to think flexibly.

The Intelligent Investor
This happens to be the name of a well-known book by Benjamin Graham.
The approach we take when trying to give our limited investment advice on our websites, is to assume that our readers and potential customers are intelligent, and wish to be better educated by getting the benefit of our experience and opinions.

Gold Silver Price Ratio & Value - Update May 2011
Silver too high or gold too low?

Gold Bar Stack

Gold Bar stack

Reverse of One Ounce Krugerrand


Reverse of Gold Sovereign

Gold Sovereigns

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