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Proof Krugerrand Sets

Although the basic idea behind krugerrands was to be purely a bullion coin, proof versions were struck in most years for sale to collectors. We sometimes have complete sets of proof krugerrands in stock. Prestige sets are housed in de-luxe wooden boxes.
Naturally the proof sets contain one each of the four sizes, giving a total content of 1.85 ounces of pure gold.

Technical Specifications
The following table summarises the specifications of all the sizes.
SizeDiameterWeightAlloyGold GramsGold Ounces
One Ounce32.6934.0500.91731.1041.0000
Total 63.0000.91757.541.85

Diameter = diameter in millimetres
Gold Grams = Actual fine gold content in grams
Gold Ounces = Actual fine gold content in troy ounces

Krugerrand Sets
1984700Dealer Box
1989 Red Box
1993 Red Box
2001700Wooden Prestige Set Box
2001200Black Box - 21st Century
2002700Red Box
2003908Red Box
2004 Red Box
2004700Wooden Prestige Box
2005700Red Box
2006700Red Box
2007700Red Box
20081,000Red Box

Individual Krugerrands For Sale - Newly Minted

Individual Krugerrands For Sale - Secondary Market

Key to Table
Mintage: Most recent figures quoted in Krause.

Please check our Standard Terms for Bullion Coins.
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Postage & Packing
UK Registered Post (Special Delivery) £9 per order
EU Insured Post £10 per order
USA Airmail $10, Insured Shipping $20.
Canada Airmail $15, Insured Shipping $30

Obverse of 2004 Proof Krugerrand
Obverse of 2004 Proof Krugerrand

South Africa Index

Reverse of 2004 Proof Krugerrand
Reverse of 2004 Proof Krugerrand

2008 South African Proof Krugerrand 4 Coin Set
2008 South African Proof Krugerrand 4 Coin Set

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