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Hall of Shame
Because of gold's near unique qualities of high value, compactness, portability, and universal acceptance, it is targeted by scammers and fraudsters.
We list a few dodgy characters:

Rogues Gallery & Hall of Shame

  • Gold Coin Exchange Malcolm Bord Fake Sovereigns
    In Oct 2009, we were consulted by an investor who had suspicions about gold bullion sovereigns he had bought from Charing Cross London. We examined them and found obvious fakes. We also noticed his website using our copyright photographs!

  • Alan Holloway
    We are slightly ashamed to admit this person is an ex-partner.

  • Malcolm Newbould
    An ex employee.

  • Investors in Time
    of New Bond Street London an Essex postal address.

  • Regency Coins (UK) Limited
    Successors to Investors in Time with a similar Modus Operandi.

  • Gold & Silver Bureau & John Coppin
    Forerunners of Investors in Time.

  • Ian Ogilvy, Jeweller
    A page we have been meaning to add for some time.

  • Fred Eder of Spain
    This British ex-pat, apparently living in Spain, possibly running a bar, tried to transfer over 50,000 belonging to a London hotel group, into our account in December 2000, causing us problems when a rather stupid or amoral Metropolitan police officer suspected that we, as would be recipients, were the only possible suspects. When he re-surfaced a few years later, the Met neglected to act on our report to them.

  • Harvey Ross of Leeds
    Harvey Michael Ross appeared on the coin and bullion dealing scene quite suddenly, from nowhere, sometime in the 1970's. He immediately became one of our major competitors, but it's easy to do this when you are using other people's money.

Why Gold?
Many of the scams listed above could involve shares, cash, bank accounts, or other commodities other than gold. The reason that they may include gold is because it is a highly portable and liquid form of wealth, and many people are aware of gold's reputation as a safe haven investment.

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