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Twentieth Ounce Gold Bullion Coins
The modern 1 ounce bullion coin has certainly been successful since South Africa invented the Krugerrand in 1967. It was a simple but brilliant piece of marketing. From 1980 south Africa started producing fractional sized gold bullion coins, but only in half ounce, quarter ounce, and tenth ounce sizes. south Africa does not produce a twentieth ounce gold coin.

Australia & China
The only two countries we can readily bring to mind that regularly produce 1/20th ounce gold bullion coins are Australia and China.
Australia produce two series of gold bullion coins, the gold nuggets and the Chinese Lunar Calendar series. Twentieth ounce sizes are produced in both these types. China also produces a twentieth ounce version of its gold pandas. We do not often stock any of these three types, but at the time of writing, we had just bought a small parcel of Australian nuggets at a favourable price.

High Production Costs
It costs relatively more to mint and market twentieth ounce gold bullion coins compared with larger sized coins. to our mind this makes them uneconomic to buy as an investment in gold, unless you are fortunate to be able to buy them at similar premiums to one ounce coins. This higher production cost probably explains why few countries produce this size of gold coin.

Other World Coins

Twentieth Ounce Gold Coins
Obverse of Year 2008 Twentieth Ounce Gold Nugget
Obverse of 2008 Australian Twentieth Ounce Gold Nugget

Australian Nuggets

Reverse of Year 2009 Twentieth Ounce Gold Nugget

Reverse of 2009 Australian Twentieth Ounce Gold Nugget


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