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Golden Jubilee Coins & Sets
The British Royal Mint will strike a number of special gold coins in 2002 to celebrate Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II's Golden Jubilee.

Shield Design Sovereigns & Half Sovereigns
It is now official that this year's - 2002 - half sovereigns and sovereigns will have a shield reverse.

Four Coin Gold Proof Sets
The 4 coin gold proof sets issued this year will all use the special shield design on their reverse side.

Three Coin Gold Proof Sets
The 3 coin gold proof sets issued this year will all use the special shield design on their reverse side.

Thirteen Coin Gold Proof Set
This year, for the first time ever, an all-gold 13 coin proof coin set will be issued, once again to celebrate the Queen's Golden Jubilee. It will contain all the normal circulation coins from the Two Pounds to the Penny, plus a Five Pounds Crown, and a complete Maundy Money set.
There are two precedents for this set, but both were struck in silver. In 1999 for the 25th anniversary of decimalisation, a set of seven silver proof coins, from the Pound to a Penny, were issued. The designs of these coins were normal ones used for the circulation coins, but made of silver and struck to a proof finish.
In 2000, a similar but larger 13 coin set, the Millennium SIlver Collection, was issued to mark the millennium.
We don't have a photograph of this set yet.

Golden Jubilee Crown
There is a special commemorative Five Pounds Crown issued this year for the Golden Jubilee. It has already been released in uncirculated specimen grade, but a silver proof and a gold proof version will be issued later, probably about April.

Golden Jubilee Crown - Version 2
We expect that there may well be a second crown announced and issued later in the year. At present, this is merely a guess on our part, but we seem to guess correctly about 90% of the time. Watch this space.

  • 2002 Commonwealth Games Two Pound Coin Set
    The Commonwealth Games, held in Manchester, were part of the official celebrations, and were bothe opened and closed by the Queen.

    Special Offers
    Thoughout the year we will be handling most or all of the UK gold coin offers at special pre-release prices. Please check out the individual pages for details.

    Price Guarantee
    Our pre-release prices include the following price guarantee:-
    In the event that the official Royal Mint price is lower than ours, we will refund the difference.
    If the Royal Mint increases its issue price, we will absorb the first 10% of any increase, and give you the option to cancel your order for a complete and prompt refund of deposit.

    Please check our Standard Terms for Bullion Coins.
    You may wish to use our 2002 Order Form

    Postage & Packing
    UK at Buyer's Risk £3.50 per order, or...
    UK Fully Insured £9 per order
    EU Insured Post £10 per order
    USA Airmail at Buyer's Risk $10 US, or...
    USA Insured Shipping $20 US
    Canada Airmail at Buyer's Risk $15 Can, or...
    Canada Insured Shipping via Fedex $60 Can

  • Golden Jubilee Sovereign
    Shield Design for the 2002 Sovereign & Half Sovereign

    Four Coin 2002 Gold Proof Set

    Four Coin 2002 Gold Proof Set

    Bullion Coin Selector Page

    Three Coin 2002 Gold Proof Set
    Three Coin 2002 Gold Proof Set

    Golden Jubilee Proof Sovereign Presentation Box
    Golden Jubilee Proof Sovereign Presentation Box

    Gold Proof Golden Jubilee Crown
    Gold Proof Golden Jubilee Crown

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