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The James Bond 007 British Gold Coin Proof Set

British Gold Coin Proof Sets
For the patient collector, many of the coin sets we offer represent incredible bargains, as they are considerably below the original issue price.
Since 1979, the British Royal Mint has issued proof sovereigns, and from 1980 also issued 4 coin sets containing a Five Pound, Two Pound (double sovereign), and half sovereign. In some years, there was only a three-coin set issued, but in 1987, a "Special Agent" set was compiled.
The certificate number issued with this particular set, the only one we have owned so far, is 007, the serial number of the Ian Fleming's British Special Agent James Bond.

1979 to 1987 United Kingdom Gold Proof Collection
This remarkable collection was created by a North American distributor with the permission of the British Royal Mint, comprising the complete set of gold proof sovereigns, fractions and multiple sovereigns during this nine year period.

Five Pounds36.0239.941.1771St George & Dragon
Two Pounds28.4015.980.4708St George & Dragon
Sovereign (Pound)22.057.990.2354St George & Dragon
Half Sovereign (Fifty Pence)19.303.990.1177St George & Dragon
Total 67.902.0011 

Notes on Table
Weight = gross weight in grams.
*AGW = Actual intrinsic gold weight in troy ounces.

Contents by Denomination
The total fine gold content of this set is 11.6528 troy ounces, equivalent to 49.5 sovereigns.
QuantityDenominationEach Gold ContentTotal Gold Content
5Five Pounds1.17715.8855
6Two Pounds0.47082.8248
9Sovereign (Pound)0.23542.1186
7Half Sovereign (Fifty Pence)0.11770.8239
27Total 11.6528

Contents by Date
DateFive PoundTwo PoundSovereignHalf Sovereign
1979Not IssuedNot IssuedYesNot Issued
1981YesNot IssuedYesNot Issued
1983Not IssuedYesYesYes
1984YesNot IssuedYesYes
1986Not IssuedCommonwealth GamesYesYes
1987Not IssuedYesYesYes

Prices & Availability
The prices quoted in the US $ column may be out of date due to currency fluctuations.
DateFromMintageIssue £StockPrice £Price $
1979 to 1987£5-£Ask£4,500$8,950

More Information
More information about British gold sets is available on our British Gold Sets Information page.

You may wish to use our order form.

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Postage & Packing
UK Registered Post (Special Delivery) £5 per order, plus £1 per £1,000
EU Insured Post £10 per order, plus £1 per £1,000
USA Airmail $10,
Insured Shipping $20, plus $1 per $1,000
Canada Airmail $15,
Insured Shipping via Fedex $60, plus $1 per $1,000

1979 to 1987 Complete Collection of 27 Gold Proof Coins
1979 to 1987 Complete Collection of 27 Gold Proof Coins

British Gold Sets Information

British 4 Coin Gold Sets For Sale

Box Lid
Box Lid

Raphael Maklouf Obverse from 1985 to 1987
Raphael Maklouf Obverse from 1985 to 1987

Commonwealth Games Reverse on 1986 Gold Two Pounds
Commonwealth Games Reverse on 1986 Gold Two Pounds

Second Portrait Obverse from 1979 to 1984
St George & Dragon Reverse on Gold Five Pound Coin

St. George & Dragon Reverse
St. George & Dragon Reverse

1981 Gold 9 Coin Set

1982 Gold 4 Coin Set


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