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Johnson Matthey Gold Bars

Johnson Matthey were one of the founding members of the London Gold Fixing, and a leading bullion refiner and assayer. Their bars are still in demand, and their older bars are likely to become collector's items.
As we state many times on various pages of our websites, we normally sell investment gold bars "as they come" with no buyers choice of make or design. This is because our margins and spreads on gold bars are very competitive, however there appears to be a grwoing market and demand for "collector's bars", and we are happy to try to service this demand. Naturally, if you wish to stipulate a particular make and design of bar, please expect to have to pay an extra premium price for it compared with a bar of "our choice" from an unspecified refiner.

Johnson Matthey Gold Bar Collection

Whenever we see a different make, or a different design of gold bar, we try to photograph it, if we have time, and our photo album of collectable gold bars is still growing.
On this page, we have pleasure in showing a selection of the Johnson Matthey gold bars which have passed through our hands.

Prices & Availability

These are sample prices based on gold at £800 per ounce.
Please telephone for current prices and availability.
The prices quoted in the US $ column may be out of date due to currency fluctuations.
DescriptionAvailableOur Price £Price $
Johnson Matthey 500 GramsAsk£Ask$Ask
Johnson Matthey 100 GramsAsk£2,970$4,752
Johnson Matthey 5 Tolas 996Sold£2,252$3,603
Johnson Matthey 50 Grams Sold£1,499$2,399

Certificates for Gold Bullion Bars
Certificates are unnecessary, or should be unnecessary, for gold bullion bars.
These usually state their weight and fineness, being stamped on them, and are generally difficult to fake.

We also have other Rothschild bars listed on their own page, and will be adding a Johnson Matthey page later.

Kilo Bars Gallery
A gallery of photographic images of kilo gold bars of different makes and designs.

Johnson Matthey 100 Gram Gold Bar

Johnson Matthey 100 Gram Gold Bar

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Johnson Matthey 100 Gram Gold Bar

Johnson Matthey 100 Gram Gold Bar

Johnson Matthey 500 Gram Gold Bar

Johnson Matthey 500 Gram Gold Bar


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