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2012 Gold Coins

2012 Diamond Jubilee Gold Coins

2012 marks the Diamond Jubilee of Queen Elizabeth II, 1952 - 2012. We forecast new obverse designs, a gold proof five pound crown, new single year design of gold sovereign , one kilo gold proof coin, 60 ounce (two kilos) gold proofs, and more.

Previous Diamond Jubilee was in 1897

Queen Victoria acceded to the British throne in 1837, at the tender age of 18 years old.
By the time of her diamond jubilee, therefore, she was 78 years old. She went on to reign for 63 years and 216 days, making her the longest reigning British monarch.
In Victorian times, there was almost no numismatic marketing. 1887, for the Golden Jubilee, there was a change of portrait on British gold and silver coins, but not bronze coins. There were also numerous medals or medallions produced, including official ones in gold silver and bronze, plus numerous privately produced version in a range of metals.
For Victoria's Diamond Jubilee, there were numerous medals and medallions produced.
The 2012 Diamond Jubilee is sure to be commemorated by a huge multiplicity of numismatic offerings.

Second Longest Reign

Our current Queen, Elizabeth II, was 27 when she was crowned, so Victoria had a 10 year head start. In an age where it had become normal for most people to retire at 60, 65, or often younger, our Queen seems to work harder than many of her subjects of half her age. The job undoubtedly has its perks and privileges, but also more than its fair share of duties.

Gold Proof Crown
Issued to commemorate the Diamond Jubilee, celebrating sixty years on the throne.

According to the Royal Mint:
The Queen's Diamond Jubilee next year - only the second such Jubilee in Britain’s long history - will be a truly historic milestone in the life of the nation. To celebrate this grand royal occasion, the Royal Mint has struck a beautiful new £55 coin with two new portraits of Her Majesty spanning her long reign.
It is the first coin ever struck to commemorate a Diamond Jubilee - there were no special coins for Queen Victoria’s Diamond Jubilee in 1887 - and is certainly worthy of the occasion.
2012 Diamond Jubilee One Kilo Gold Proof Coin
Issued by the Perth Mint, an exclusive to Chard! (except for the Perth Mint)

2012 Diamond Jubilee One Kilo Gold Proof Coin
Issued by the Royal Mint.

Chard Diamond Jubilee Medallion
Two different designs commissioned by Chard to celebrate The Queen's Diamond Jubilee. At just £4.95 each they make the perfect keepsake for children and adults alike.

New Sovereign Design

The new reverse design was revealed on Wednesday 19th October and is a new interpretation of St George and the Dragon. We have the sovereigns, half sovereigns, quarter sovereigns and five coin gold proof sets in stock now for immediate delivery.

World Issues


We expect to have the quarter ounce Diamond Jubilee coin in stock by the end of March.

Isle of Man

Most, if not all, Commonwealth countries

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Obverse of 2012 Diamond Jubilee Gold Proof Crown

Obverse of 2012 Diamond Jubilee Gold Proof Crown

Reverse of 2012 Diamond Jubilee Gold Proof Crown

Reverse of 2012 Diamond Jubilee Gold Proof Crown

Obverse of 2012 Uncirculated Sovereign

Obverse of 2012 Uncirculated Sovereign

Reverse of 2012 Uncirculated Sovereign

Reverse of 2012 Uncirculated Sovereign

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