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Glod is a common typo or mis-spelling of the word gold. It is also is the name of a mythical Norse giant, several villages in Romania, and a dwarf in Terry Pratchett's Discworld.

Other Glods

  • Glod the Giant
    Another name for Fornjót, a giant in Norse mythylogy.
  • Glod the Dwarf
    A dwarf name in Terry Prachett's Discworld, made much more common because of a curse placed on a king that all he touched would turn to Glod (bad spelling can be fatal was the moral of the story)
  • Glod in Romania
    Glod, a village in Moroeni Commune, Dâmbovit,a County, Romania. this has recently hit the news because the film Borat was partially filmed in the village, and the villagers are reported to be taking legal action against Sacha Baron Cohen and Paramount. See below.
  • Glod, a village in Almas,u Mare Commune, Alba County, Romania
  • Glod, a village in Strâmtura Commune, Maramures, County, Romania
  • Glod, a village in Lapos, Commune, Prahova County, Romania
  • Glod, a village in Gâlga(u Commune, Sa(laj County, Romania

More Glod Facts

  • As we wrote this page, we thought we would take a quick demographic snapshot, by searching eBay for the word "GLOD". We found 177 items, in all of which it appeared to be a typographical error for GOLD.
  • A web search on Google produced 742,000 results, although many of them appear not to be typo's.
  • We guess that if any coins were ever minted in the above mentioned Romanian villages, they might just be glod cions.
  • If there are any musicians in the Romanian villages, would they play Freda Payne's "Band of Glod", or would that be their stage name?

Glod versus Borat
Glod was a shooting location for the mockumentary film Borat: Cultural Learnings of America for Make Benefit Glorious Nation of Kazakhstan, representing Borat's home village in Kazakhstan. The villagers say they were paid 15 lei (£3), or about 6 dollars a day each for their appearances and that they were told the film would be a documentary about the hardships of village life. According to 20th Century Fox, the production team and star Sacha Baron Cohen each donated $5,000 to the town, as well as paid a location fee, and bought computers, school and office supplies for the residents. In the film, the villagers are depicted as rapists, abortionists and prostitutes. The residents of Glod have now joined a growing list of Borat participants who are seeking to sue star Cohen and the producers of the film.
We think this sounds like rampant opportunism.

In Gold We Trust

In Gold We Trust!

Ingot We Trust! - Johnson Matthey 5 Tola Gold Bar
Ingot We Trust! - Johnson Matthey 5 Tola Gold Bar


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