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1934 Half Sovereigns Don't Exist

Every day people ask us for coins which do not exist, including 1934 half sovereigns.
Half sovereigns were not issued in every year, and this is one date for which none were issued.
No full sovereigns were minted in 1934 either, Krugerrands were not introduced until 1967, indeed very few countries issued any gold coins in 1934, however we can suggest some alternatives.

Why Not?
This is often the next question we get asked. It would be better to ask the Royal Mint, but we can tell you that coins are only produced when they are needed. The last date of half sovereign struck by the Royal Mint for circulation was 1915, although some of the branch mints continued striking them until 1926.
It was not until 1982 that the Royal Mint started to strike and issue half sovereigns again to supply demand for bullion coins. It now seems likely that half sovereigns will continue to be issued yearly.

Proof Half Sovereigns
Since 1980, the Royal Mint has issued half sovereigns in proof grade, for sale to collectors. Proofs are coins which are specially struck with a very high standard of finish. These are only issued in limited quantities, and are more expensive than ordinary bullion or circulation type coins. Obviously this is of no interest if you are looking for a 1934 half sovereign.

Alternative World Gold Coins
Austria100 Schilling3223.5245.9000.6806$750
Austria25 Schilling205.8810.9000.1702$500
Czechoslovakia10 Dukaten4134.9000.98601.1064$1,400
Czechoslovakia5 Dukaten32.517.4500.98600.5532$700
Czechoslovakia2 Dukaten24.56.9800.98600.2212$275
Czechoslovakia1 Dukat203.4900.98600.1106$160
France100 Francs206.5500.90000.1895$8,000
Persia1 Pahlevi228.1360.90000.2354$110
Persia1/2 Pahlevi194.0680.90000.1177$110
Switzerland100 Francs3025.9000.90000.7494$2,200
Tunisia100 Francs216.5500.90000.1895$400
Vatican100 Lire23.58.8000.90000.2546$500
Yugoslavia4 Dukata4113.9600.98600.4425$3,200
Yugoslavia1 Dukat203.4900.98600.1106$1,200

Denomination - Face value
Diameter = Approximate Diameter in millimetres.
Weight = Weight in grams.
Alloy = Fineness of gold.
AGW = Actual fine gold weight in troy ounces.
Cat = Catalogue Value in US Dollars.

Year of the Dog
The Chinese Lunar Calendar is based on a 12 year cycle, each year in the cycle is associated with a different animal.
The Perth Mint in Australia produces a series of Chinese Lunar Calendar coins, in gold and silver, starting in 1996.
1943 is the Chinese lunar calendar "year of the dog". If you can't see any 1943 gold coin you like, you may wish to look at our 2006 Year of the Dog page, although they have not been produced yet, until the last quarter of 2005.

Other Dates of Half Sovereign
If you wish to check any other dates of half sovereign, take a look at our Half Sovereigns - Which Dates Exist? page.

Obverse of 1934 Gold Sovereign
Obverse of Non-Existent 1934 Gold Sovereign

Reverse of 1934 Gold Sovereign

Reverse of Non-Existent 1934 Gold Sovereign

Check Another Date of Half Sovereign

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