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Why Should You Buy Gold?

Look at the News!
Every day recently, we have been seeing financial and mainstream headlines which make us wonder why everybody is not already stampeding out of pounds, dollars, euros, shares and other currencies and investments. The following are a few recent examples:-

August 7 2001Thousands more jobs to be axed - CBI
August 6 2001Britain to Join Euro in 2002?
August 6 2001Germany issue 1 million gold 1 mark coins = 12 Tonnes. Entire issue sold out in the first hour.
August 6 2001Data confirms industry in recession.
August 6 2001Property boom could be ending.
August 6 2001Government action demanded amid job fears.
July 28 2001Brown voices slowdown fears. Warns US slowdown is spreading to Europe and worst may be yet to come.
July 27 2001UK economic growth hits 2.5 year low.
July 27 2001UK business leaders demand rate cut.
July 27 2001Lloyds seeks deal as HI slides.
July 27 2001Trinity axes 800 jobs.
July 27 2001NEC jobs to go.
July 27 2001US growth fall to fresh low.
July 27 2001South African jobless rate surges.
July 27 2001IMG chief visits troubled Turkey.
July 27 2001Dresdner cuts 1,500 jobs.
July 27 2001Recession fears under the microscope (UK).
July 27 2001JDS loss intensifies pain for telecoms (US).
July 27 2001Report slams 'dire' Royal Mail. Could soon be destroyed by competition.
July 27 2001Post Office threat to bank jobs.
July 27 2001Fujitsu and NEC profits slide.
July 27 2001Sony punished for profit slump .
July 27 2001Scoot says 'one month left'.
July 27 2001Spain cuts growth forecast.
July 26 2001Can Koizumi save Japan?
July 26 2001BT profits fall again.
July 26 2001Finding a level to enter the euro.
July 25 2001Sharp fall for Compaq profits.
July 25 2001G8 silence on recession fears
July 20 2001UK retail sales stagnate.
July 17 2001UK inflation stays at two-year high.
June 12 2001George rules out early euro entry. Says sterling needs to be significantly lower.
June 11 2001Pound must fall 10% for euro entry.

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