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Unsolicited Goods Unsolicited Goods
Advice about what to do if you receive unsolicited goods, including coins, usually by mail, generally you can keep them, and it is a criminal offence to send them to you

From Consumer Direct
Unsolicited gifts
Some companies send "gifts" such as ballpoint pens, key chains, books or recipe cards through the mail without them being ordered. They just turn up out of the blue.
This is inertia selling. If you're the type of person this company is looking for, you may feel guilty about keeping the item without paying for it. Don't feel guilty! It's yours, and you are under no obligation to pay anything if you did not order the goods.
You may advise the sender in writing that you don't want the goods and say where they can be collected. However, a consumer is under no obligation to do so. Under the Consumer Protection (Distance Selling) Regulations 2000, it is a criminal offence to demand payment for unsolicited goods from a consumer. Any goods delivered can be kept, for free, by the consumer.
The position is a little different when unsolicited goods are received by a business. In this case, the recipient should notify the sender (registered mail is recommended) that the goods are not required and will not be paid for, and to say where they can be collected. The business recipient is required to keep the goods safe for a period of six months. If they are not collected within this time, the recipient can dispose of the goods as they see fit.
If you have received an unsolicited gift and are unsure how to proceed, call Consumer Direct for advice.
This factsheet is intended to provide general information only, and should not be taken as a full statement of the law on this subject. Phone your local Consumer Direct centre, or contact an alternative consumer support service if you need further or more detailed advice.

Chard Guarantee - No Unsolicited Goods
We guarantee that we do not, and will not, send out unsolicited goods.
We do not believe it is good business practice, although the companies that use these dubious techniques seem to make a lot of money out of it.
If you buy or order coins or other items from us, we will not send you more goods unless you specifically request them. Each an every transaction we make is free-standing, and is not conditional on you making further purchases from us.
Naturally, we hope you will want to deal with us on a repeat basis, but we leave it entirely up to you to decide if and when you wish to contact us, or purchase from us again.

We do not guarantee that we will neve send you any direct mail, but in practice, we hardly ever do post our promotional material, preferring to rely on our websites to market our coins and other products.

We have recently started sending out a limited number of e-mail newsletters to existing customers, however we never sent out spam (unsolicited bulk commercial e-mails).
When we add an e-mail address to our mailing list, it is normally because the recipient has requested e-mail offers from us. If anybody received unwanted e-mails from us, we will remove their e-mail address from our mailing lists immediately, and the only e-mail we will subsequently send will be one confirming the removal.

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