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Valcambi Gold Bars

Gold Bars for Collectors
Mostly the gold bars we sell are intended purely as an investment in gold, and we do not guarantee to supply any specific make of bar, however we get many requests for specific makes or styles of bar for gifts or collectors, and so we try to provide these as an extra service. Naturally we charge extra for supplying specific designs and makes of gold bar. If you wish to buy gold bars at the lowest bullion prices, please see our main Gold Bars For Sale page.

Valcambi & other gold bars for investors and collectors, from various assayers & refiners throughout the world, including 3, 5, and 10 tola bars by PAMP Suisse.
While we cannot always obtain these on demand, we try to buy them whenever we can, in which case we can supply them as shown in the table below.

Three Tolas
We show a photograph of a Valcambi 3 tola gold bar. This is the only 3 tola bar we have ever seen, so we count it as a rarity.

We show the front and back of a Valcambi 3 tola bar, the other sizes are similar in design.

Gold Bar Prices & Availability
These are sample prices based on gold at £800 per ounce. Please check price and availability before placing your order.
GramsDescriptionAvailabilityPrice £Price $
1,000One KiloAsk£Ask£Ask
500Half KiloAsk£Ask£Ask
250Quarter KiloAsk£Ask£Ask
116.6Ten Tolas (3.75 Ounces)No£Ask£Ask
100Hundred GramAsk£Ask£Ask
34.992Three Tolas ValcambiAsk£1,350$2,160
30.1035One Ounce ValcambiAsk£Ask$Ask
15.55175Half Ounce ValcambiAsk£Ask£Ask
1Valcambi with CertificateAsk£Ask£Ask

More About Valcambi
According to their website:

Valcambi is a leader in precious metals refining.
We operate one of the world's largest and most efficient integrated precious metals plants at Balerna, Switzerland.
Our corporate philosophy is simple:
We value our clients' reputation as if it were own.
Valcambi provides customised services to all sectors of the global precious metals market.
Our clients include mining companies, industrial corporates, jewellers, commercial banks and Governments.
For over 40 years our reputation has been built on Quality and Reliability.
Operating under the strictest standards and controls Valcambi's laboratory and assay services are certified to ISO 9001 and ISO/CEI 17025.
Valcambi has for many years been one of the world's largest manufacturers of cast bars and minted ingots. We produced the world's first one ounce minted ingot. For almost 40 years Valcambi has been and still is the sole manufacturer of precious metal bars for Credit Suisse.

Certificates for Gold Bullion Bars
Certificates are unnecessary, or should be unnecessary, for gold bullion bars.
These usually state their weight and fineness, being stamped on them, and are generally difficult to fake.

Obverse of Valcambi Suisse 100gram Gold Bar
Obverse of Valcambi 100gram Gold Bar

Gold Bullion Bars

Reverse of Valcambi Suisse 100gram Gold Bar
Reverse of Valcambi 100gram Gold Bar

Valcambi Three (3) Tola Gold Bar
Valcambi Three (3) Tola Gold Bar

Rose on Reverse of Valcambi Three (3) Tola Gold Bar
Rose on Reverse of Valcambi Three (3) Tola Gold Bar


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