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Price Comparisons on Gold Coins & Bars
We don't spend much time doing price comparisons between other dealers and ourselves, partly because we tend to be quite competitive in any case, but a recent full page colour advert by one of our fellow dealers and competitors made us think about it.

DescriptionDealerPriceOur Price £Saving
USA St. Gaudens Gold Double Eagle $20Westminster Collections£1,200£595 - £695£505 - £605
Russian 5 Rubles Nicholas IIRoyal Mint£249£75 - £95£154 - £174
Belgian 20 Francs Leopold IIRoyal Mint£249£95 - £125£124 - £154
French 20 Francs Napoleon IIIRoyal Mint£249£95 - £125£124 - £154

Better Quality & Grades
In most cases, some of our "competitors" only offer their coins in one grade. We usually offer a range of grades. In the table above, our lowest price is usually for a grade similar to that offered by the other dealer, and our higher price is for a better quality grade. Our prices quoted here are only indicative, for two main reasons, most of our prices fluctuate with the changing price of gold bullion, and we can usually offer a greater price range than that we have shown in the "our price" column, both at the lower and the upper end.

Greater Selection
Also, we can usually offer a greater selection than our rivals. For example, we have the older Liberty Coronet Head $20, and can offer you a choice of dates.
In the Russian 5 rubles, we did have some Uncirculated 1902 coins, in addition to the more typical VF grades.
In both the French and Belgian 20 francs, we can offer a choice of numerous different types, a range of dates, and better grades.

Coincraft Advert Showing Price Comparisons
We were stimulated into creating this page by a full page colour advertisement by Coincraft of London giving price comparisons between their own prices and example prices from Westminster Collections, and the Royal Mint. In most cases our own prices are even better than those of Coincraft. Strangely enough, for the sovereigns, they were only about the same as our own prices, although we suspect that we would supply better coins for the money, as our grading is rather conservative. We also offer higher grades of sovereigns at similar or lower prices than the other two dealers.

More to Follow
We will be adding more to this list soon.

Coincraft Advert Showing Price Comparisons
Coincraft Advert Showing Price Comparisons

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