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Chocolate Coins
Chocolate coins have been recalled in Canada because of Melamine contamination from the use of Chinese milk.
When we heard the news about Chinese farmers adding melamine to milk, we didn't instantly think it would have much effect in the Western world, but obviously many food manufacturers source the cheapest ingredients they can worldwide, and presumably do not have proper quality control checks in place.
Adding melamine to milk apparently fools the testing methods for milk protein content, and Chinese farmers have discovered that they can dilute their milk with water, then add melamine, meaning they can sell water for the same price as milk.
Several thousand babies in China are seriously ill, having suffered acute kidney failure, with several fatalities, among those given formula milk contaminated with the industrial chemical melamine. The toll is far higher than was previously admitted by the Chinese authorities, according to the BBC.
It always seems strange to use that human mothers will feed babies on cows milk, or other substitute for human milk. Human milk is the best food for young babies, anything else is a poor substitute. We blame manufacturers and marketing people for brainwashing mothers into believing that their inferior and more expensive product may in some way be better for their babies. The mothers should also take some blame for being stupid enough to believe advertising and marketing claims. Meanwhile manufacturers and marketeers make millions for poisoning peoples' bodies and minds.
All consumers should try to be aware of the quality of the products they use, particularly food products.

Quiz Questions Quashed
For a number of years, we have kept a small stock of chocolate coins under our counter to amuse and divert any small children while their parents look at coins. We usually ask the family a few simple quiz questions, showing them a gold coin, a silver coin, perhaps a bronze coin, and asking them what they are made of. Then we introduce a chocolate coin, and the kids usually get the right answer immediately, and their parents try to correct them. For getting the answers right, the kids win a chocolate coin each.
Since the contamination alert, we have temporarily suspended our quizzes, as we wish to avoid any risk of poisoning our customers.
It's a strange world really, and another interesting demonstration of chaos theory, where a farmer adding water to his milk in China stops some deserving child in a Blackpool coin dealer's from getting some chocolate!

OTTAWA, Oct. 9 (UPI) -- The Canadian Food Inspection Agency is warning against consumption of Sherwood-brands Pirate's Gold Milk Chocolate Coins because of melamine contamination.
The recalled chocolate candy is sold in 840-gram packages containing 240 pieces and bearing UPC 0 36077 11240 7 and lot code 1928S1.
The candy was sold nationally through Costco stores and might also have been sold in bulk packages or as individual pieces at various dollar and bulk stores across Canada.
"Although the health risk associated with these products is considered to be low, the advisory is being issued as a result of the Government of Canada's ongoing investigation into milk and milk-derived products sourced in/from China that may have been distributed in Canada," the CFIA said in a statement.
Melamine is a chemical compound used in commercial and industrial applications. Canada doesn't allow its use as a food ingredient.

Pirate's Gold Coins & Kastins from Sherwood Brands
Pirate's Gold Coins & Kastins from Sherwood Brands Product Poster

Chinese Farmer Milking Cow

Chinese Farmer Milking Cow


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