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Instant World Gold Coin Collections
We can now offer for sale parcels of assorted world gold coins. Each parcel will contain a selection of interesting gold coins from different countries. These will be real gold coins, not modern bullion coins such as krugerrands. All coins supplied would be at least 90% pure gold, others would be 22 carat gold (91.66%).

Collectors Coins & Bullion Prices
Buying one of our instant collections gives you the advantage of getting an instant collection at bullion or near bullion prices. The average price in bullion grade will be about 10% over the spot or intrinsic gold price, because we charge the whole collection at fine gold price, whereas the average purity of the coins will be about 91%.
Save between 5% to 50% by buying in bulk, compared with buying individually.

The Selection
Every instant collection parcel will be different, depending on our stock at the time, but every coin will be a different type, and there will be no duplicates, as far as possible. The table below shows a typical example of a large parcel. There are 30 coins from 17 different countries. This example is close to the maximum limit before there will be any duplication. It is possible for us to improve upon this by including, for example 7 different types of British sovereigns instead of just 1, and similarly for some of the other countries. We can usually supply between 30 to 40 different coins, with a total weight of between 350 to 400 grams before duplication.

Parcel Sizes
Our minimum order for instant world gold collections is £2000, and we can supply any size parcel up to about £12,000 without duplication. We are happy to accept orders for any size parcel, simply choose the amount you wish to spend. Once we reach the duplication threshold, we will keep duplication to a minimum, so you will not receive 10 of one coin type and only 1 of all the others, but for very large orders, the exact selection will depend on our stock levels of each coin.

Typical Contents
CountryDenominationGramsFinenessAGW GmsAGW Ozs
Austria20 Francs 8 Florins6.450.9005.810.187
Austria10 Francs 4 Florins3.230.9002.900.093
Austria20 Corona6.780.9006.100.196
Austria100 Corona33.880.90030.490.980
Belgium20 Francs6.450.9005.810.187
Chile100 Pesos20.340.90018.310.589
Dominican Republic30 Pesos29.620.90026.660.857
France20 Francs6.450.9005.810.187
France100 Francs32.260.90029.030.933
Germany20 Marks7.970.9007.170.230
Hungary20 Korona6.780.9006.100.196
Italy20 Lire6.450.9005.810.187
Jersey50 Pounds22.630.916720.740.667
Jersey25 Pounds11.90.916710.910.350
Jersey20 Pounds9.260.91678.490.272
Jersey10 Pounds4.640.91674.250.137
Jersey5 Pounds2.620.91672.400.077
Mexico20 Pesos16.670.90015.000.482
Mexico50 Pesos41.670.90037.501.206
Netherlands10 Guilder6.730.9006.060.195
Persia1 Pahlevi8.140.9007.320.235
Peru1/2 Libra3.990.91673.660.118
Russia10 Roubles8.600.9007.740.249
Russia15 Roubles12.900.90011.610.373
RussiaChervonetz 10 Roubles8.600.9007.740.249
South AfricaPond7.990.91677.320.235
South Africa2 Rands7.990.91677.320.235
Turkey100 Kurush7.220.91676.610.213
Total30 Coins364.15 329.3010.587

Notes on Table
Denomination = Face value of coin
Grams = Nominal gross weight in grams.
AGW Gms = Actual fine gold weight in grams,
AGW Ozs = Actual fine gold weight in troy ounces,

Example Pricing of Typical Collection as Above
Total Weight in Grams364.15
Grams per Troy Ounce31.1035
Total Weight in Troy Ounces11.7078
Example Spot Gold Price £1000
Example Price for Complete Collection 11.7079 x £1000 = £11707.90
Insured Delivery in UK £19
Example Price Delivered £11707.90

Coin Grades
All coins would be in normal acceptable bullion grades. This varies with the age of the coins.
We can also supply coins in selected grade, at 5% above bullion grade prices, or extra selected at 10% above bullion grade prices.

Three Different Offers

  • Bullion Grade.
    At spot gold price for fine gold. Saving about 5% to 15% compared with buying individually.
  • Selected Grade.
    At 5% premium above spot fine gold. May also contain a greater selection including some slightly scarcer coins in bullion grade. Saving about 10% to 30% compared with buying individually.
  • Extra Selected Grade
    At 10% premium above spot fine gold. May also contain an even greater selection including some slightly scarcer coins in bullion or selected grade. Saving about 20% to 50% compared with buying individually.

How to Order

  • Telephone us for a gold price quote, or
  • Post your order with a cheque, we will calculate the price according to the first London Gold Fix after receipt of your order.

Order Form - UK

As the exact value of each parcel will depend on the exact selection available, make your cheque for the desired amount. As it is almost impossible to make each parcel to an exact amount, we can either send you a small refund, or invoice you for any slight excess. You can tell us which you prefer.

Postage & Packing
UK Registered Post (Special Delivery) £9 per order, plus £1 per £1,000
EU Insured Post £10 per order
USA Airmail $10 per order
USA Insured Shipping $20 per order

Pile of World Gold Coins
Pile of World Gold Coins

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