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In Gold We Trust
Gold Humour
A fairly well known corruption of the motto "In Gold We Trust" as used on US coins. Simply adding one letter changes the entire meaning of the expression. Somewhere we seem to remember seeing a poster and maybe a bumper sticker with the continuation "...all others pay cash".

Many a True Word is Often Spoken in Jest
While it may seem flippant for us to devote a whole page of our website to a small piece of humour, perhaps we should remember that much of the appeal of gold as an ultimate currency is its stability. The value of paper money can erode or evaporate overnight as its value depends not just on popular perception of its value, but by the amount in circulation compared with whatever asset backing it has, if any. In modern times, when many Central Banks hold large proportions of their currency reserves in other currencies, we are in danger of all or many world currencies collapsing because the only asset backing is other paper rather than any untimate hard asset. While it is also true for any commodity that its value depends largely on popular opinion as to its value, their has never been any time when gold has been considered worthless, and we can confidently predict that there never will be such a time.

God or Gold?
There are millions who trust in God, or in a god, but there are also millions who trust in gold. Which is the more prudent belief we will leave to the individual!

Ingot We Trust
This is another variation on the same theme. It is probably better thought of using a German accent when "In Gott..." reinforces the pun.

In Gold We Trust

In Gold We Trust!

In God We Trust - Reverse of 1911 US Indian Head Gold Half Eagle

In God We Trust - Reverse of 1911 US Indian Head Gold Half Eagle


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