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Euro Foreign Exchange

Have you ever had to buy Euros at the airport only to be cheated with a lousy foreign exchange rate and high commission?
It's not the best way to start your holiday, so why not think ahead and buy from us!

We offer a highly competitive foreign exchange rate, we don't claim to be commission free like many high street services but as our selling price is just 2.5% below the exchange rate* we still offer the best rate we could find.

We don't charge a handling fee although we do charge postage, and there is no cash advance fee.
We did a comparison on 4th September 2012 and even with our postage charge of £8 plus £1 per £1,000 we still work out by far the best value.

So, let's sum that up for you...

No Cash Advance Fee ✔

No Handling Fee ✔

No Minimum or Maximum Order ✔

Next Day Delivery ✔

Call now to order 01253 343081


We don't yet have the facility for you to order online but ordering is still really easy. Just call our helpful team in our Blackpool showroom and we will be happy to talk you through it step-by-step and process your order for you.


The quickest way to pay is online using a debit card. We can also accept payment by cheque, bank transfer or cash.


We can deliver to your door or you can collect from our showroom. We deliver using Royal Mail Special Delivery (fully insured) at the cost of £9 plus £1 per £1,000 spent. Order before 3pm and pay online using a debit card to receive the next working day (signature required).

Customer Due Diligence

As we are registered as a foreign exchange bureau with HMRC, this means we have to undertake due diligence when deciding who to do business with.

According to their website:
What is customer due diligence?

Customer due diligence means taking steps to identify your customers and checking they are who they say they are. In practice this means obtaining the following from a customer:

  • their name
  • their photograph on an official document which confirms their identity
  • their residential address or date of birth
The best way to do this is to ask for a government issued document like a passport, along with utility bills, bank statements and other official documents.

Our Selling Rate

We sell at 2.5% below the live exchange rate. To calculate how much you would get just multiply the amount you want to exchange by this rate. This is then the actual amount you will get (providing you deal at that exact moment). We do not charge any extra charges or take any more commission. The only additional charge is postage.

We aim to be completely open, honest and transparent in all of our dealings - foreign exchange included.

Foreign Exchange Comparison

To make it easy for you we compared four of the most popular foreign exchange services; the Post Office, Natwest, Tesco and Marks and Spencers.
Tesco came out just below us with an exchange rate of 1.22 and with a postage charge of just £3.95 this may work out better value for some people. They also offer the option of collecting in store which may be more convenient for you.
Natwest and Marks and Spencers advertise their foreign exchange as no commission yet their rates on the day were 1.2060 and 1.2100 - difficult to work this out as no commission when the live rate on the day was 1.2625.

We also treat everyone the same, whether you are a previous customer or not, unlike all of the others who give preferential treatment to their credit card customers.

If you were exchanging £100 on 4th Sept this is what you would have got...
Company Rate Advertised Rate Received Actual Commission Euros Received Postage Minimum Order
Chard 1.2309 1.2309 2.5% €123.09 £9.00 No
Tesco 1.2276 1.2276 2.76% €122.76 £3.95 £50
Post Office 1.2200 1.22 3.37% €122 £0.00 £400
Marks and Spencer 1.2100 1.1490 8.99% €114.90 £5.00 £100
Natwest 1.2060 1.1458 9.24% €114.58 £5.00 No
Prices from online sellers on 04/09/12 at 14:52. Actual exchange rate:1.2625

Please note, all orders are subject to our normal terms and conditions.

* mid rate subject to rounding.

The spot prices shown on the above link are international mid rates for indication only.
Our buy - sell prices will be 2% above and below the current mid rates, subject to rounding.
This is about half the usual rates charged by most other foreign exchange traders.

Forex Price Comparisons
A simple way to check the competitiveness of your usual foreign exchange service is to take their buy and sell prices, and divide the larger figure by the smaller figure, so for example, if your local bureau de change is quoting buy 1.54 sell 1.39, divide 1.54/1.39 = 1.1079; at this they would be making 10.79% "spread", or 5.54% "turn". Typically most exchange bureaux charge about 10% spread or 5% turn. By "turn", we mean half the total spread, roughly equal to their profit on an individual deal, less their costs.

Forex Sterling to US Dollar Foreign Exchange

Euros € - GBP £ Pounds Sterling

Gold Investment Advice
There are a number of pages on our site giving advice about various aspects of investing in gold.


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