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Dates & Designs of Australian Gold Nuggets & Kangaroos

The obverse of all the nugget coins with "Australian Gold Nuggets" reverse bears the third portrait of H.M. Queen Elizabeth II, by Raphael Maklouf.

Nuggets - Dates, Sizes and Designs
1986OunceProofWelcome Stranger
1986HalfProofHand of Faith
1986QuarterProofGolden Eagle
1986TenthProofLittle Hero
1987OunceBullionWelcome Stranger
1987HalfBullionHand of Faith
1987QuarterBullionGolden Eagle
1987TenthBullionLittle Hero
1987HalfProofBobby Dazzler
1987QuarterProofFather's Day
1987TenthProofGolden Aussie
1988OunceBullionWelcome Stranger
1988HalfBullionHand of Faith
1988QuarterBullionGolden Eagle
1988TenthBullionLittle Hero
1988OunceProofPride of Australia
1988QuarterProofRuby Well
1989OunceBullionWelcome Stranger
1989HalfBullionHand of Faith
1989QuarterBullionGolden Eagle
1989TenthBullionLittle Hero

Historical Information about Natural Australian Gold Nuggets featured on Gold Nugget Coins
Name of NuggetOuncesFoundLocationFound By
Welcome Stranger2,2841869Moliagul VictoriaJohn Deason & Richard Oates.
Hand of Faith7201980Wedderburn Victoria 
Golden Eagle1,2351931Coolgardie 
Little Hero3331890Marble BarJames Larcombe Jr.
Pride of Australia2561981Mosquito Gully VictoriaRod Steed
Welcome2,2171858BallaratRichard Jeffery
Ruby Well1691913Peak Hill to Wiluna stock routeMichael Murphy
Jubilee3451887Hargraves VictoriaChinese prospector

Nuggets - Dates, Sizes and Designs - Kangaroo Issues From 1989
1989AllProofRed Kangaroo
1990AllBullionRed Kangaroo
1990AllProofGrey Kangaroo
1991AllBullionGrey Kangaroo
1991AllProofCommon Wallaroo
1992AllBullionCommon Wallaroo
1992AllProofNailtailed Wallaby
1993AllBullionNailtailed Wallaby
1993AllProofWhiptail Wallaby
1994AllBullionWhiptail Wallaby
1994AllProofRed Kangaroo
1995AllBullionRed Kangaroo
1995AllProofMother & Joey Kangaroo
1996AllBullionMother & Joey Kangaroo
1996AllProofKangaroo Bounding Right
1997AllBullionKangaroo Bounding Right
1997AllProofTwo Kangaroos*
1998AllBullionTwo Kangaroos*
1998AllProofKangaroo Facing
1999AllBullionKangaroo Facing P100
1999AllProof2 Kangaroos Bounding Left P100
2000AllBullion2 Kangaroos Bounding Left
2000AllProofKangaroo in Grass
2001AllBullionKangaroo in Grass
2001AllProof2 Kangaroos Back to Back
2002AllBullion2 Kangaroos Back to Back
2002AllProofKangaroo Drinking at Billabong
2003AllBullionKangaroo Drinking at Billabong
2003AllProofTwo Kangaroos Hopping Half Left
2004AllBullionTwo Kangaroos Hopping Half Left
2004AllProofKangaroo near Grass Tree
2005AllBullionKangaroo near Grass Tree
2005AllProofYoung Kangaroo
2006AllBullionYoung Kangaroo
2006AllProofKangaroo Playing Cricket
2007AllBullionKangaroo Playing Cricket
2007AllProofKangaroo Bounding Right
2008AllBullionKangaroo Bounding Right
2009AllBullionMother & Joey Kangaroo
2010AllBullionRed Kangaroo
2011AllBullionKangaroo Facing Left
2012AllBullionKangaroo Facing Left
2013AllBullionKangaroo Facing Right
2014AllBullionKangaroo Set Against Fence
2015AllBullionKangaroo In Front of Moon
2016AllBullionKangaroo With Silhouette

Two Kangaroos* - We have heard various suggestions, none repeatable, about what these two kangaroos are doing!

Welcome Stranger Nugget on Reverse of a 1986 Australian One Ounce Proof Gold Nugget Coin
Welcome Stranger Nugget

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Poseidon Nugget on Reverse Design of a 1987 Australian One Ounce Proof Gold Nugget
Poseidon Nugget on Reverse Design of a 1987 Australian One Ounce Proof Gold Nugget

Grey Kangaroo on Reverse of 1991 Australian Half Ounce Proof Gold Nugget
Grey Kangaroo on Reverse of 1991 Australian Half Ounce Proof Gold Nugget


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