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Paying us by Wire Transfer from USA
If you wish to pay us by wire transfer, please note the following points:-

  • International Bank Transfers
    International transfers take from about 1 day to 1 week, depending also whether they are sent as express or normal.
    Bank charges for international wire transfers are higher than for domestic ones, and are levied at both ends. The total can commonly be about £40 to £50 in total. This is partly because the routing of the payment is more complicated, the sending bank and the recipient bank often need to use other intermediary banks or correspondents.
    It is important that you as the sender elect to pay all fees.
    There are generally three main options available regarding fees:-
    • Payer (sender) pays all fees.
    • Payer and beneficiary respectively pay charges.
    • Beneficiary (recipient) pays all charges.
    We credit your account with the nett amount we receive, so you will obviously need to elect for option (a) which is for the sender to pay all charges.
    It is important to tell your bank this, as they may otherwise select one of the other two main options. Many banks assume option (b) by default.

    Which Account?
    For most of our UK domestic business, we obviously use our sterling account. For international customers, it is important to to send payments to our correct account.
    Simply, if your funds are in US dollars, and you are paying us in US dollars, you need to specify the transfer to go into our US dollar account, which is:-
    Account NameChard (1964) Ltd
    CurrencyUSD ($, US Dollars)
    Account Reference NumberCHAR1964 USDA
    BankersRoyal Bank of Scotland, 87 Bond Street, Blackpool, Lancashire, FY4 1BW
    Bank Sort Code16-14-12

    Exchange Rates
    The exchange rates we quote you will normally be much better than you will get from your own bank, unless you already get wholesale foreign exchange rates. Our foreign exchange rates are typically about 1% different from the "middle" rates quoted on interbank wholesale markets.

    Which Currency?
    For sterling (GBP) or US dollars (USD), you simply need to transfer the correct amount into our appropriate account as mentioned above.

    Please see our main payments page, for alternatives.
    For moderate amounts, cash sent by insured mail is a viable alternative. We accept a number of currencies including US dollars.
    Please avoid using Western Union money transfers.

    Wire Transfers in Pounds Sterling (GBP) For transfers in pounds sterling, please use these bank details:-
    Account NameChard (1964) Ltd
    Account Reference Number10046146
    BankersRoyal Bank of Scotland, 87 Bond Street, Blackpool, Lancashire, FY4 1BW
    Bank Sort Code16-14-12


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