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Latest Deals on Gold Coins

Market Forces Create Changes in Supply Demand and Prices
Supply and demand for gold coins in general, and different types of gold coin change constantly. Often these changes are very slight, but even small changes can have a cumulative effect. Although it might sound ridiculous, fashion also plays a part, and this can be influenced by media comments.
We try to avoid changes most of our web pages, so we have created this page to note any recent changes, some of which may be quite transient and of short duration.

Premiums Fluctuate
Of course, the underlying gold price also moves up and down, which can make comparison more difficult. The easiest way to compare value is to look at the premium, the amount over and above the intrinsic gold price. We usually express this as a percentage.

Standard Advice - Buy the Cheapest
Our standard advice about which gold coin to buy is to go for the lowest premium within reason. Sometimes one type of coin is available for less than normal prices, sometimes some coins are at higher than normal prices. These short term fluctuations can sometimes override our normal advice, at other times it can offer an interesting alternative,

September Clearout!
1 kg Gold Coins
Our lowest price yet! Just 5% premium over gold!

British Four Coin Sovereign Sets
Buy three four coin Sovereign sets (date our choice) for just 10% premium over gold. Collectable sets at bullion prices!

Brilliant Uncirculated 5
Buy Brilliant Uncirculated 5's (date our choice) for as little as 10% premium over gold.

Australian Sovereigns
In celebration of the 150th anniversary of Australia's first sovereign, the Perth Mint re-created it and produced a 2005 legal tender gold coin. We are able to supply the uncirculated version at just 10% over gold and the proof (no book or cert) for just 15%.

Jersey Gold Proof One Pound Coin
Gold proof coins at bullion prices - 25% for one coin - 15% for quantities - ideal for the smaller investor.

Current Bargain Deals
Gold proof sets at premiums as low as 10% over gold - cheaper than some bullion coins.

Past Deals
Updates to Follow
We will be bringing you more news about the current special deals on investment gold as we receive it.
Watch this space!
Collection of Swiss 20 Francs
Pile of Swiss 20 Francs


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