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2007 Scouting Centenary Gold Proof Fifty Pence Coin

In 2007 the United Kingdom Royal Mint issued gold fifty pence coins to commemorate the 100th anniversary of the Scouting movement in 1907, Be Prepared!
There have been comments that the 2007 two pound coin commemorating the 1707 Acts of Union between England and Scotland will be called a "Brownie", after Gordon Brown. We think the Scouts fifty pence would fit this description more closely.

The Scouting Movement

Scouting is a worldwide youth organization. Its aim is to develop young people physically, spiritually and mentally so that youth may take a constructive place in society. This is achieved through non-formal education with emphasis on practical activities in the outdoors, the so-called Scout method. The Scout Movement was founded in 1907 by Robert Baden-Powell, a retired Lieutenant General in the British Army. He was also at that time a good friend of William Alexander Smith, Founder of the Boys' Brigade. Currently Scouting and Guiding have over 38 million members in 217 countries and territories represented through several different Scouting associations at the international level. The works of Ernest Thompson Seton and Daniel Carter Beard were very influential in the early development of the Scouting movement as well as the basis of the Traditional Scouting movement that has become very significant in the last several years.

According to the Royal Mint:

With the worldwide Scout Movement celebrating its centenary, here is an opportunity to mark this special event with a coin befitting any serious collection.
Struck from 22 carat gold, the 2007 Scout Movement Gold Proof Fifty Pence has the captivating mirror finish made possible by the time-honoured technique of hand-polishing using fine diamond paste.
As inspiring as the Scouts' founder, Robert Baden-Powell, this is a coin to treasure as much for what it represents as for its numismatic quality.
  • Acquire one of just 1,250 such coins to be issued worldwide - an extremely low limit
  • Be reassured of your coin's exclusivity thanks to a numbered Certificate of Authenticity
  • Appreciate the minter's craft, from the frosted designs to the mirror-like finish of this Proof quality coin.
As a gift
An ideal gift for anyone interested in or associated with the Scouts, this marvellous coin evokes a spirit of adventure and traditional values.

Product Information
The 2007 Scout Movement Gold Proof Fifty Pence features on its reverse a new design by Royal Mint engraver Kerry Jones, who said, 'I was inspired by the creativity, simplicity and the sense of adventure that the Scouts promote'.
Kerry cleverly incorporated three distinct elements for her competition-winning design: the globe, which symbolises the worldwide growth of the Scout Movement; the Scouts' famous fleur-de-lys emblem; and their motto, 'Be prepared'.
On its obverse, the coin carries the the familiar portrait of Her Majesty the Queen by Ian Rank-Broadley FRBS.
Product Code: UKSCMGP

Background & History
The Scout Movement was born in 1907, the brainchild of Robert Baden-Powell, who had seen active service in the British Army in India, Afghanistan and South Africa.
His brilliant defence of the town of Mafeking over the 217 days from October 1899 to May 1900 was a decisive moment in the Second Boer War; it earned him the nickname, 'the wolf that never sleeps'.
On his return to Britain, Baden-Powell wanted to form a movement that would instil in boys skills and values that he believed would equip them as model citizens and capable young men with a bright future. These boys were the first Scouts.
Over the years, the Scout Movement became a worldwide phenomenon, open to boys and girls, which now attracts over 28 million young people to its ranks.
The very first World Scout Jamboree was held in Olympia in London in 1920. At that time, 8,000 people took part.
In 2007, over 40,000 people will come together in the UK to celebrate the movements history and ongoing place in the lives of young people at the 21st World Scout Jamboree.

Obverse - Fourth Portrait

All British 2007 coins carry the fourth portrait obverse design by Ian Rank-Broadley, except for the £5 crown.


The badge or logo of The Scouting Association, a fleur-de-lis positioned on a trefoil, in the original Scouting colors chosen by Lord Baden-Powell, green on yellow. These are not coloured on the actual gold coin.
The legend (inscription) reads:-
1907 2007


DiameterWeightAlloyGold Content
27.3015.50 grams.91660.4600 Troy Ounces

DateDescriptionIssue LimitMintageOfficial Issue Price
2007Centenary of Scouting Movement1,2501,250£345

This price was based on the gold price in 2007 (Which was £300-£400/Troy Ounce in 2007)

Notes on Table

Issue Price = Official Royal Mint issue price.

Prices & Availability

Quantity Rate Buy
Call to check availability

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Postage & Packing

UK Registered Post (Special Delivery) £9 per order
EU Insured Post £10 per order
USA Airmail $10,
Insured Shipping $20
Canada Airmail $15,
Insured Shipping $30

Scouting for Boys

We wonder, did Baden Powell really write a book called "Scouting for Boys", or was it Gary Glitter, or just a malicious rumour?

Obverse of 2007 Scouting Fifty Pence Gold Proof

Obverse of 2007 Scouting Gold Proof Fifty Pence

Fifty Pences Index

Be Prepared on Reverse of 2007 Scouting Fifty Pence Gold Proof

"Be Prepared" on Reverse of 2007 Scouting Fifty Pence Gold Proof

2007 Scouting Fifty Pence Gold Proof in Box

2007 Scouting Fifty Pence Gold Proof in Presentation Box


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