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Chard Transparency
We try to ensure that our pricing policies, premiums, spread, dealing terms, conditions, advice, etc are as transparent as possible.

Open and Honest
We expect to get business, repeat business, and personal recommendation business, through being open and honest with our customers. This is reflected in the large volume of advice and information we have created and placed on our websites.

Condition or Grade
We endeavour to accurately describe all our coins and other products. Grade or condition is a slightly subjective area. All collector's coins supplied mail order are on 7 days approval, during which time we will replace or refund without question. This is extended by the Distance Selling Act to 28 days.
When coins are bought in our showroom, we expect our customer to have satisfied himself as to grade and value before purchase.

Bullion Coins & Bars
Bullion products are sold on a firm sale basis depending on the underlying bullion price at a particular time and price, and are not subject to the same refund guarantee. They are of course guaranteed to be genuine and as described. Any bullion coins we supply will be of a normal acceptable grade for its type bearing in mind its age. In the event of an odd coin slipping through our normal checks and being below normal bullion condition, we would naturally replace it.
Bullion products are specifically excluded from the Distance Selling Act.

Fair Deal Policy

Can't Tell All
There are a few of our secrets we do not divulge and publicise, but even here there are good reasons.
We try to avoid publishing anything which would adversely affect our own physical security, that of our premises, stock, staff, suppliers and customers, There are a lot of bad people out there who would love to know. Sometimes this is slightly frustrating for us, as we are often reluctant to publish exact inward delivery dates. We also choose not to feature staff team photographs on our websites, again for their and our security. For similar reasons, we do not publicise the surnames of our staff.
There are many other things we have not yet told, but in most cases, it is simply a question of time. We have already invested about 30,000 to 40,000 man hours in creating our websites. They are still a long way from complete.

gold bar stack

Gold Bar Stack


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