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Copyright Theft
Perhaps we should be flattered by the number of people including dealers who continually infringe our IP (Intellectual Property) rights by using our copyright images, but we do not find it amusing, and will take legal action against any copyright thieves.

Krugerrands ( Gary Ryan, are just one of the many coin websites worldwide who commit copyright theft by using our copyright images without our permission. On their Home page, which we reproduce here, they are clearly using our 2004 Proof Krugerrand reverse image.
This is used as part of its banner or logo, and is repeated on all the pages of its site.
Krugerrands.Org.Uk is an information site, according to its home page, so we would be more restrained in our thoughts about them. It does appear to us, however, that the site is unlikely to be run purely for the benefit of the public, and it is clear that it is financed by income from advertising, links, sponsorship, or similar, in which case, it is a commercial site.
Not only this, but the links on the site are to Hatton Garden Metals which is one of our direct competitors.
We can find no acknowledgement or credit for the photographs which have been used on the site.
As the site promotes other dealers, via advertising and other links, we consider that our photographs are being used in an unfair commercial manner, to the benefit of the site owners and its advertisers, owners and sponsors.
The owner of, Gary Ryan, has chosen for some reason best known to himself, to show his status as a "UK Individual", and entitled to have his name and address omitted from the Whois service, yet the site itself states that it is a Hatton Garden Metals website. Which of these two statements is true and which false, we cannot discern with certainty, but is is clear that the two statements appear to be mutually incompatible and contradictory.

Domain Lookup

Domain name:
gary ryan (sic)
Registrant type
: UK Individual
Registrant's address:
The registrant is a non-trading individual who has opted to have their address omitted from the WHOIS service.
Fasthosts Internet Ltd [Tag = FASTHOSTS]
Relevant dates:
Registered on: 04-Jun-2009
Renewal date: 04-Jun-2011
Registration status:
Registered until renewal date.
Name servers:

Gold Coin Bullion Dealers Jewellers & Misleading Domain Registration
We usually notice inaccurate wrong information in domain name registrant details when checking people for copyright IP (Intellectual Property) rights abuses.

Krugerrands.Org.UK Index or Home Page

Krugerrand Prices Buy Krugerrands Sell Krugerrands Other Gold Coins Contact Us
Krugerrands is a free to use information website provided by Hatton Garden Metals.
We are a well known London gold dealer from whom you can buy krugerrands & sell krugerrands.
Krugerrands - Advice on Buying & Selling Krugerrands
Krugerrands offer a simple and straightforward way for you to invest some of your money into gold, since they are an official gold bullion coin containing 1 ounce of fine gold.
Krugerrands always have a value based on the price of gold, which may increase or decrease, and they also may have an additional value to coin collectors depending on their rarity and condition.
The krugerrand is a very well known gold bullion coin, and it is also available in smaller sizes, with a half krugerrand, quarter krugerrand, and 1/10th of a krugerrand containing half an ounce of gold, a quarter of an ounce of gold, and a tenth of an ounce of gold respectively.
The Krugerrand
The krugerrand is a South African gold bullion coin that was first produced in 1967 and is a legal tender gold coin, meaning that it can be used as currency to pay for goods or services.
Because the value of gold can fluctuate quite markedly the krugerrand was not issued with a face value, rather it's purchasing power as a legal tender coin is based on the market value of gold at any given time. Because gold prices change constantly, krugerrand prices change constantly also.
This is to address the problem that otherwise the coin could sometimes have a face value in excess of it's gold content, and other times it may have a value worth far less than it's gold content value.
The Krugerrand weighs 33.93 grams and is made of 22 ct gold, which is 91.67% pure. Although the krugerrand contains 1 ounce of gold, it actually weighs more than one ounce.
This is because of the addition of other metals to make the gold alloy harder, and the coin more durable - 24ct gold is just far too soft for use in gold coins.
Why Buy Krugerrands?
Gold has always been a way to protect the value of money, since gold is in limited supply (it cannot be manufactured), and it is accepted worldwide as a form of payment, and as having value.
This means that even though the price of gold may fluctuate, over time the value of gold generally increases, while the value of currency may be eroded by inflation and other economic factors.
It is for this reason that when we enter a recession or economic downturn many people invest in gold as a way to protect the value of their money or savings.
One thing to bear in mind whether you buy krugerrands or any other form of gold coin is that you will always pay a slight premium over the market value of gold when you buy, and you will always recieve (sic) slightly less than the market value of gold when you sell.
This very similar to the spread when you buy or sell shares and is how gold coin dealers make their money. You also need to bear in mind that buying krugerrands or other gold coins should be viewed as a longer term investment.
If you bought some krugerrands today and sold them in a couple of weeks time then you would probably lose money because of the spreads involved, and because gold prices would most probably not have risen significantly during that time (they may have actually fallen!).
As long as you are aware of these facts and you are buying krugerrands as a longer term investment then the krugerrand (or kruger) offers an excellent way to put some of your money into gold.
Other Gold Coins
There are many other kinds of gold coins, like the Canadian Maple, the Chinese Panda, the American Gold Eagle, and of course the good old Gold Sovereign.
All of these coins are available in their "full" size and in smaller sizes as with the krugerrand. The gold sovereign is available as a full sovereign or half sovereign.
You can find out more about these coins and our prices on our gold coins page.
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What's Wrong

Gold Coin Investment Advice
If you want advice about investing in gold coins, we have a number of pages on this site which will provide exactly what you want, without dubious advice and advertising. Use the above link.

Dubious Advice Site
If you see a website offering advice, check to see whether you can find out quickly and easily who is giving the advice, and what experience or qualifications they have to give the advice.
Although states quite transparently that it is provided by Hatton Garden Metals, it does claim to be an advice site, yet its Krugerrand Prices Buy Krugerrands Sell Krugerrands & Other Gold Coins pages, which are all very similar to each other, indicate otherwise, that it is a trading site.
While it is possible to invite trade and give good advice on the same site (we do it), there are potential conflicts of interest between the two functions. If were to give truly impartial advice it would probably tell you that our company (Chard) are almost certainly more competitive on buy and sell prices for Krugerrands, sovereigns, and most other bullion and collector coins, and that we are well-established, and that our web sites contain far more information, and more accurate information than their own site.
Much of the advice and information given on Krugerrands is wrong (although sometimes it is almost right, which means it is wrong).
You should therefore avoid it for this reason alone, but there are more reasons.

Copyright Notice
Please see our "Copyright" page for further information.

Copyright Infringements Remedies
Our suggested draft remedies for copyright abusers dependent on category - competitors, bloggers, pseudo-expert & advice sites acting as eBay & Google portals, eBay & other auction site sellers.

Other Copyright Abuse

Other Copyright Abuse

Other Web Sites
All comments about copyright also cover content of all our other websites including, but not limited to:-

Krugerrands Krugerrands Page
Krugerrands Krugerrands Page

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Reverse of 2004 Proof One Ounce Krugerrand
Reverse of 2004 Proof One Ounce Krugerrand


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