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Copyright Theft
Perhaps we should be flattered by the number of people including dealers who continually infringe our IP (Intellectual Property) rights by using our copyright images, but we do not find it amusing, and will take legal action against any copyright thieves.

Texas Coins Larry Harmon of San Antonio (
Texas Coins of San Antonio Larry Harmon ( are just one of the many jewellers & coin dealers worldwide who commit copyright theft by using our copyright images without our permission.
They have used a number of our high quality copyright coin photographs, to use on their own website in direct competition with us.
On their We Buy Gold page, they have used our high quality copyright photographs of a 1974 Krugerrand, probably stolen from another dealer who in turn stole it from our website.

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Something to sell ? Call me to arrange a private meeting anywhere in Texas. Larry Harmon
P.O. Box 680172 , San Antonio, Tx. 78268 210-213-2830 ............. NO STORE INDEX
YOUR Internet Coin & Currency Dealer
ESTATE SERVICES: Valuations, Appraisals, Liquidations
Do You Have: San Antonio Coins, Austin Coins, Dallas Coins, Fort Worth Coins, Corpus Christi Coins, Houston Coins or any Texas Coins for sale, call me.
Coin Collector since 1957 .... Vest Pocket Coin Dealer since 1988 Now A Full Time Coin Dealer since retirement. No Coin Shop, but I will meet you at my bank or your location
Buying coins, coin collections, coin estates and U.S. Paper Money (Currency).
E-Mail me

No Deal is too large or small. I WILL BUY ALL Pre-1964 Coins !! SORRY, I do not buy FOREIGN COINS, Modern Coins, Jefferson Nickels or Error Coins.
I TRAVEL ALL OF TEXAS. Click here to see the travel rules.
Better Yet, cal (sic) me today. 210-256-2646
Call or Email me right away. EMAIL -------------------
------------------------------------------------- Current Metals Spots
I buy gold bars, and coins. Click the GOLD coin for today's buy prices
I buy silver bars, and coins. Click the SILVER coin for today's buy prices
WANTED Early Muscle Cars 1964 - 1967 Also, I need a 1966 Mustang Coupe or Convert
1969 Firebird Frame off Rotessorie Restored Numbers Matching This car for sale at Auction Barrett Jackson - Orange County June 25, lot 45.4 Watch it on The Speed Channel
U.S. COINS Past Shows 2005 Texas Shows Grapevine
, Texas ; FUN SHOW, Austin Texas Coin Show; Round Rock Texas, Houston Money Show, Houston Texas Shows; San Antonio Coin Show; East Texas Coin Shows; Texarkana Coin Show; Dallas Coin Shows; Fort Worth Coin Shows; Ft. Worth Coin Show; Dallas Texas Shows; El Paso Coin Show; San Angelo Coin Show; Laredo Texas, Ft Worth Coin Show, old coin dealer, gold coin dealer, Corpus Christi Coin Shows, Victoria Coin Show, Oklahoma City Coin Show, Louisiana coin show, Dallas Coin Show, Fort Worth Coin Show My Coin Show Calendar
------------------------------------ DALLAS FORT WORTH
Grapevine ( Dallas Fort Worth ) Coin Show
DFW Airport Show June 11, 12 & 13 , 2010
Grapevide Convention Center Main Street & Hwy 121, Grapevine, Tx
AUSTIN TEXAS , Round Rock Coin Show June 25, 2010 THIS DATE IS CORRECT
Wingate Hotel 252 Exit US 75 off I-35 San Antonio, Tx Coin Show Aug 29, 2010
Live Oak Civic Center
I-35, Loop 1604 & Pat Booker Road
San Angelo, Tx
September 11 - 12, 2010
La Quinta Motel, on the loop
November 2010
Airport Hilton Center
Houston, Tx
Watch my upcoming events in
Corpus Christi Coins , Austin Coins , Dallas Coins , Fort Worth Coins , Houston Coins .
CURRENCY CoinsWANTED UNITED STATES MINT SERVICES Estate Appraisals Liquidations BIDNAPPER - Auction Sniper
My Mission
I am an active buyer and seller of Gold, Silver Dollars and other key date coins. I buy and sell most coins as a coin dealer. I try to provide fair pricing and access to those difficult to find coins, from Cents through Dollars. If you have a particular need for any US coin, please call on me. Sorry, No Foreign.
Bullion is volatile and is suggested for the experienced collectors only.
Buyers Service
I am a highly motivated buyer of all coin collections. I do not invest heavily in Foreign Coins as they do not fall into my portfolio of US Coins. Common Lincoln Cents and Jefferson Nickels are not wanted. NO 1943 Steel Cents!
As a buyer, I will travel to your VERIFIED location, providing the volume warrants. I have to impose some limitations on travel offers. I recently was asked to travel 6 hours to "BUY" a collection. Upon evaluating everything; providing the current market price; and then writing it all down, the individual informs me "The Mother" decides she does not want to sell !!! No Negotiation, No discussion, No options. NOT FOR SALE! In all fairness and consideration to my travel expenses and time, this was totally disrespectful of my travel courtesy. It appears they only wanted an estimate, without expectations of paying for my service. They could have brought the collection to me, whereby there would have been no charge or expectations from either of us. SO, I must make this disclaimer..... If I travel to your location, prepare the current market evaluation of your collection and make my standard 80 - 90% of the value offer, you must decide either to accept the offer or pay my standard evaluation fee. I charge by the "time to evaluate and travel", with a minimum fee of $200 out of town. Certainly, no fee involved if I buy your collection. Otherwise, please bring it by for a no obligation evaluation and offer. Call me for a "Quick Quote". Markets change daily, so the valuation provided that day is good for that day only. 10% - 20% market swings are not uncommon. Collections estimated at under $3,000 can be sent to me at the above address. Prompt offers and/or checks to you upon receipt. Unsure about shipping ? Send your collection to me REGISTERED MAIL, insured for an amount YOU feel it is worth. Provide an inventory sheet (keep one as well), with (if possible) grade and quantity of all items.
If I cannot buy your collection, I will return it promptly, and refund your shipping expense to the last cent.
Texas Numismatic Association . Life Member LM-212
American Numismatic Association "ANA Life Member L-204560
Bank References upon Request
I do not have a coin shop. I am retired. I meet my clients in their home, bank or other convinient (sic) location.
Contact Information Telephone : 210-213-2830
Numbers that display on my caller id as "PRIVATE" or "UNAVAILABLE NUMBER " are not answered since they are usually a Solicitation call. I feel these MYSTERY calls are a waste of my time. If I can't read who is calling, I do not feel compelled to answer.
Please Leave a message.
I am often out of town at coin shows.
I will return your call the same or next day .
Mail Address :
Larry Harmon
P.O. Box 680172
San Antonio, Tx. 78268
E-Mail Me:

On Line Since 3/01/02
"Texas Coins" . Com reserves all copyright and Trademark rights allowed by law.
Updated 6/17/2009

Gold & Coins Page

Buying Coins, Gold, Silver, and all US Coin
Something to sell ? Call me to arrange a private meeting anywhere in Texas.
Larry Harmon
P.O. Box 680172 , San Antonio, Tx. 78268
Maple Leafs (sic)
Krugerrands and
Gold Eagles
Krueggerand (sic) 1 oz Gold
Buying and selling at the current market prices
When Available
1986 - 2009 U S Gold 1oz
Buying and selling at the current market prices
When Available
Shipping by insured US Mail only. The Shipping and insurance fee is $15.00 per coin.
You must EMAIL to reserve your purchase, only one of each.
I also accept PAYPAL and a 3% handling fee will apply, the amount they charge me for processing.
Email me and I will create an invoice for Paypal.
US Shipping only.
Payment for bulion (sic) items must be made with
U.S.Postal money orders, Paypal, or bank wires only.
Bank wires must clear before items are shipped.
These are exempt from Texas Sales tax (over $1,000).
Payment must be received within 3 business days of your email or automatic cancellation.
NO Returns allowed on BULLION COINS
10% Restocking fee on all others.
American Gold Buffalo 0 in stock
American Gold Eagle 1 oz -- Out of Stock
US Gold $10 and $20 ... Out of Stock
US Gold $5 and $2.5 ... Out of Stock
American Eagles 1/10 oz $5.00 ...
I buy all gold, silver and platinum ant typical coin market buy prices.
Check the approximate price of
Silver Buy Prices
Gold Buy Prices
Update 12/12/08
o, Tx. 78268
TNA # Life Member 210-256-2646

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P.O. Box 680172
San Antonio, TX 78268
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Harmon, Larry texascoins@swbellnet
Harmon, Larry
P.O. Box 680172
San Antonio, TX 78268
(210) 256-2646 fax: 999 999 9999
Technical Contact:
Texas texascoins@swbellnet
P.O. Box 680172
San Antonio, TX 78268
(210) 213-2830 fax: 999 999 9999
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Record created on 16-Feb-2002.
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Other Copyright Abuse

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Texas Coins of San Antonio Gold & Coins Page
Texas Coins of San Antonio Gold & Coins Page

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Reverse of 1974 Krugerrand
Reverse of 1974 Krugerrand

Obverse of 1974 Krugerrand
Obverse of 1974 Krugerrand


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