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Rare British Coins Martin M Thomson ( & Copyright Theft
Rare British Coins Martin M Thomson of Holmes Chapel Crewe Cheshire ( is yet another dishonest dealer or website operator who has used our copyright images without permission.

Copyright Theft is Dishonest - Can You Trust This Dealer?
Using other people's copyright images is illegal, it is dishonest, and it is unethical. Using the hard work of a fellow dealer to sell the same goods in competition with him demonstrates an extremely low standard of ethics. We would not recommend anybody to transact business with this person or company.

Rare British Coins' "Collecting rare British coins" Page

Collecting rare British coins
Posted by admin | Posted in rare British coins | Posted on 21-02-2010-05-2008
Collecting rare British coins is a fascinating hobby. Money is always interesting, and the fact that you can collect and hold the money in your hand that our ancestors spent thousands of years ago makes collecting coins one of the most historically satisfying hobbies there is.
The first £5 coin minted in 1826 as part of a proof set.
Coins tend to survive through time in a way that other artefacts do not because they are small, solid and normally hard wearing largely due to being made from non-ferrous metals that can survive long periods in water or wet soil. They are also sought after and searched for and even now, metal detectorists are regularly pulling coins from the earth where they might have sat since Roman times.
Coin collecting or numismatics also has a huge scope. You can choose to collect literally thousands of different niches of coins. It would be difficult to build up a near complete collection of British coins dating back to Roman times, but some have. It might be more achievable to focus your British coin collecting on a specific monarch, century or period and generally speaking, the more recent the coinage, the more obtainable it is.
Rare coin collectors tend to look for condition above everything else and a pristine uncirculated or extremely fine specimen will be worth far more than a worn coin. However, for coin collectors who donít have as much to spend on their hobby, that just makes collecting coins that much more achievable because often it is the coins with the most wear that tell the most interesting story. Itís amazing to think that you could be holding a Victorian shilling in your hand that might have been spent hundreds of times in shops of old. I donít think any other area of antique or artefact collecting comes close to bringing history to life in the same way as numismatics can.
Kings Norton Penny - note the tiny KN stamped to the left of the date
Often it is the tiny details on a coin that seperate a common one from a rare and sought after example.
Some coins, for example, received limited runs at particular coin mints, and those mints may have left a mark on the coins. Should that mint have made a relatively small run of coins then those might end up being sought after while the general Royal Mint coins might be of little value (see the example on the left of a 1918 Kings Norton one penny).
The other thing that makes coins valuable of course is the base metal involved. Many coins were made of silver and some of gold. The sovereign is perhaps the most famous gold coin of all, having been turned into jewellery throughout the latter half of the twentieth century, to the general disapproval of polite society. Other gold coins are far more magnificent however, and gold five pound coins from Queen Victoriaís reign are highly sought after. Not only are they very valuable because of the gold content, but they are simply stunning coins to behold and if you could afford to collect them, I am sure you would!
But donít worry if you do not have deep pockets because there are lots of fantastic British coins that you can collect and treasure that wonít set you back the price of gold bullion. There are many interesting pre-decimal coins that can be bought fairly inexpensively (many below face value now that they can no longer be spent). There are also annual coin sets that can be collected including rare maundy coins that were given by the monarch originally to the poor (adding up in pennies to the age of the monarch), but latterly to deserving people who had done derserving charitable work through to freely available modern coin sets issued by the Royal Mint. You could also collect special commemorative coins like crowns which were often legal tender at the time, and some still are. Whichever British coins you have decided to collect, we have pulled together hundreds and hundreds of coins for sale to suit all types of collectors and all budgets for you to peruse at your leisure. Just choose from any option on the right of the page and get ďdiggingĒ for rare British coins.
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Who would have thought such honest (although they do not claim this) respectable people would resort to stealing images from their competitors?

What's Wrong?
It is dishonest and unethical to pirate and steal other people's work by using high quality copyright photographs without the owner's consent. To do so in competition with them is doubly devious. We can partially understand why they do it; it is quick and easy (but then so is robbing people).
In this case Rare British Coins (Martin M Thomson) could not be bothered to take the time and trouble of photographing a gold bar for himself, or paying a professional photographer to do it for him, so decided it was quicker and easier to steal ours instead. He probably also thought we would not notice.
For these reasons, we conclude that Martin M Thomson is dishonest and unethical, and we recommend anybody to avoid doing business with them. If they will cheat us by stealing our photographs, what would they do to you for your gold coins, your precious metal or your money?

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