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More Crap than Gold Coins on eBay
eBay seems to be getting even worse. Most 'gold coins' on eBay are not gold & not coins. eBay do not appear to care, in fact they seem to make most of their fees from crap. We did a little research.
Just when we thought eBay could not possible get worse...

100% Pure Crap on
We monitor the coin section of and on a daily basis for vendors stealing our copyright images. We also check some of their other country sites.
We happened to be checking (the German site), as we find quite a large number of German copyright thieves. One day recently, we searched the category "Munzen", for "Krugerrand", and found 100% of the first 200 listings were fraudulent and illegal listings for base metal imitations, all or nearly all purporting or pretending to be the real thing. As it still seems to be as bad, we did a little further research, and publish a quick recap of our results here:-

Survey Highlights

  • Only 3.7% of "Krugerrand" listings were genuine.
  • The majority of "gold" items appeared not be be gold at all.
  • One single vendor, "travis.smiley" had 3,881 current listings, about 10% of all "gold" coins.

Simple Search Results
SiteCategorySearch TermResultsPercentageComments
eBay.deMunzenKrugerrand1,171100%Starting Point
eBay.deMunzenKrugerrand mini gold coin69659%Not Krugerrands, or gold or coins
eBay.deMunzen1978 small South Africa Krugerrand Coin40735%Not South African or Krugerrands, or coins
eBay.deMunzen(Combination of previous 2 searches)1,10394%Not South African or Krugerrands, or coins
eBay.deMunzen2 Gold Krügerrand 1978 Krugerrand Goldmünze Goldmünzen10%Not Krugerrands, or gold or coins
eBay.deMunzenKrügerrand Gold Krugerrand 1978 Goldmünze40.5%Not South African or Krugerrands, or coins
eBay.deMunzenNP Krugerrand 1978 Goldmünze Krügerrand Bester Preis20.0%Not South African, Krugerrands coins, or the best price
eBay.deMunzenNP Krugerrand40.5%NP means New Striking, actually a euphemism for fake
eBay.deMunzenKrugerrand (Total Imitations)1,12496%All imitations & fakes
eBay.deMunzenKrugerrand (Imitations)353%Apparently genuine Krugerrand listings
eBay.deMunzenKrugerrand (Filtered)353%Apparently genuine Krugerrand listings
eBay.deMunzenKrugerrand (Imitations)474%Apparently genuine listings including Krugerrands, including the following:
eBay.deMunzenKrugerrand coin case40.5%Fair enough!
eBay.deMunzenKrugerrand Natura60.5%Not actually Krugerrands
eBay.deMunzenKrugerrand Protea20.5%Not actually Krugerrands

Vendor Search Results
cornelius1228Maximillian gold coin681
cornelius1228American Buffalo mini gold coin684
cornelius1228Krugerrand mini gold coin682
cornelius1228St. Gauden mini gold coin684
cornelius1228(Total Imitation)2,735

Vendor Search Results
cannonmx61865 Mexico small Gold coin252
cannonmx6Buffalo mini gold coin47
cannonmx6Buffalo small gold coin217
cannonmx6Buffalo (Total)261
cannonmx61978 Africa Krugerrand small coin225
cannonmx6St. Gauden mini gold coin263
cannonmx614k Gold Bar215
cannonmx6(Total Imitation)1,219

Vendor Search Notes
In the cases of both the vendors quoted above, neither appeared to offer any genuine items at all, yet all were described in their item title as "gold", some also as "coins", "Krugerrands", 14K, "buffalos", "St Gauden(sic), "Mexico", "Maximilian", or "America". None of these descriptions is accurate.
Some of the items do state in their descriptions (but only in the small print) that they are HGE (Heavy Gold Electroplated), or replica. We very much doubt whether the word "Heavy" is accurate!
One of the items (listed by cornelius1228) under the category Kategorie: Münzen: Edelmetalle: Gold: (Coins Precious Metal Gold) carries the description in German:

Größe: 10 Millimeter im Durchmesser
Gewicht: 0,5 Gramm
Ihr Bieten auf einer Minihge Goldmünze
Versendet Standard-US priorty (sic) Post

Which Google translates as:

Size: 10 millimeters in diameter
Weight: 0.5 grams
Your bidding on a gold coin Minihge
Shipped standard U.S. Postal priorty

In other words the vendor states three time that the item is gold, and completely fails to include any warning to the contrary, clearly a fraudster, yet he enjoys a feedback of 154 (98.7% positive). It appear that not only are eBay happy for this crook to list his fraudulently described garbage, but they are also happy to earn fees while aiding and abetting the conman to fool hundreds of innocent, but rather stupid, buyers.

We have assumed that all the apparent genuine listings were non-fraudulent, possibly a dangerous assumption bearing in mind some of our other findings, for example the $1 million fraud.

Our Advice
Avoid all this stuff like the plague, and the people who sell it, and the people who allow them to sell it (eBay).

Corollary or Side Effect
One side effect we have noticed because of the abundance of misleading titles and phony descriptions, is that genuine sellers with a real coin find it necessary to add to their title "Genuine Original, Not Copy" or some similar wording. A sad endictment of eBay!

eBay Copyright Abuse

You may also wish to see our eBay C.R.A.P. page.

eBay Index

A Typical Poor Quality Photograph of an Even Poorer Quality Fantasy Replica Coin from eBay
A Typical Poor Quality Photograph of an Even Poorer Quality Fantasy Replica Coin from eBay


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